Kim so Hyun Chooses to Join That Night

Kim so Hyun Chooses to Join That Night

Some time ago, Kim so Hyun succeeded with a screen project titled It’s Okay to Not Be Okay as a main cast member. The series made a lot of offers that came to him. But apparently this handsome actor prefers a drama called That Night.

Whereas before, he even had some dramas that korean netizens thought would involve this man. The dramas will make his name soar. One of the dramas they’re really looking forward to is The Finger.

The exact reason why these highly paid actors refuse is not so detailed. But according to some reliable sources. The reason why Kim so Hyun refused was because there was some agreement between the two that did not find a bright spot agreed. Even so, he said it was likely to receive their drama series at a time.

The decision by this actor received public comment as something rash especially a career that is still green in the world of entertainment and entertainment. Even many of his fans explicitly said they were disappointed by the decision.

They’ve been waiting for a collaboration between the players. But even so, not a few still approve of his decision even to support his move to start acting in the drama That Night

Kim so Hyun With a Brilliant Career

Kim so Hyun With a Brilliant Career
Kim so Hyun With a Brilliant Career

For lovers of Korean dramas,the name of actor Kim so Hyun is no longer a foreign name to them. Moreover, actors who have starred in one of the dramas called Dream High is often paced in drama series, TV or just a social media advertisement owned by Korea.

Kim so Hyun is a man born in South Korea on February 16, 1988. He first started his career with Dream High which was released in 2011, after he had previously signed up to be one of the characters in Boy over Flowers.

But it seems that fate did not lead him towards the drama, because at that time the director said that the handsome man had failed while trying to become one of the actors that the director had prepared.

Although after 2 years, he was successful with the title of the new drama Dream High which eventually made his name soaring.

Kim so Hyun’s Interesting Facts

Kim so Hyun's Interesting Facts
Kim so Hyun’s Interesting Facts

The actor, who was born in 1988, had participated in a training from JYP Entertainment. He had attended the training for filming purposes in the drama Dream High.

At that time, Kim so Hyun acted with many great singers, even some of the artists said that they were amazed by her famously melodious voice. Apparently this singing talent he got from his father who was a band singer in the 80s.

Not only can he sing and act, he also has the advantage of bowling. This advantage he developed himself because he was very interested in the field. There is even news that Kim so Hyun once signed up for Korea Professional Bowling Associating when there was in 2016.

Unfortunately, when he took the fourth round, he was eliminated. Even so, Kim so Hyun said he was happy to have been ranked 31st out of 144 contestants who signed up.

Many Hope To Get More Awards

After he managed to grab the hearts of the audience by starring in one of the dramas entitled It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The drama immediately sold out and received the highest rating. Kim so Hyun is no longer a small actor. He is famous as an actor who already has many big awards and even some of his plays that he successfully brought to get high ratings.

Dream High, this drama became the first path that Kim so Hyun tapaki before finally being as famous as now. Through this drama, he received an award as Best Couple, Actor Award and the latter was awarded as Best Newcomer Actor.

The Producers, this drama is a drama by Kim so Hyun as one of the employees who works in one of the famous offices. In this drama, Kim so Hyun managed to get 5 awards at once. Namely The Best Couple, The Grand Prize, The award obtained for successfully amazed netizens, The Award as a Hallyu Star

Will That Night Be As Successful as Previous Dramas?

Will That Night Be As Successful as Previous Dramas?
Will That Night Be As Successful as Previous Dramas?

The drama that will star the actor is a drama that tells a story about a college boy. This character will be his own role. The college kid used to have a fine life cycle. Eventually his life changed drastically when he was suddenly caught up in a murder case and he became his prime suspect.

It is a drama adapted from a British state-owned series called Criminal Justice. The script was written directly by Peter Moffat. Previously, the series had been adapted by HBO which later became a miniseries. Later this was adapted by Korea into an even better version.

In this drama, Kim so Hyun will star opposite an actor who is also no less famous. He’s named Cha Seung Won. Cha Seung Won will portray himself as a lawyer. He will assist Kim so Hyun in dismantling the case that suddenly dragged his name.

The drama will air from the end of 2021. All his fans admitted that they can’t wait for the release of this drama. They want to see the actor act their pride again after previously rumored he had just made a comeback.

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