KINGDOM, Profile of GF Entertainment’s Idol Group Member

KINGDOM, Profile of GF Entertainment's Idol Group Member

GF Entertainment announced that it will soon debut a 7-member boy group, KINGDOM. Reportedly, they will debut with “Excalibur” which was released on February 18, 2021.

According to multiple sources, the agency stated that each member participated directly in lyric writing, song production, and choreography creation. In addition, members have good foreign language skills.

KINGDOM Member Profile

While waiting for their debut, this is the profile of the seven KINGDOM members who are ready to enliven the South Korean music industry.

1. Dann

KINGDOM, Member Profile
Jung Seung Bo – KINGDOM

Originally named Jung Seung Bo, he was born on November 1, 1997 in Ilsan, South Korea. The former MIXNINE participant occupies a vocal position and is responsible as the leader group.

Choosing to use dann’s stage name to debut with KINGDOM, he was previously introduced as Seong Bo member of VARSITY, a boy group by CSO Entertainment.

The idol lived in Dubai when she was 10, then returned to South Korea in 2016. It’s no case that this handsome-faced man speaks Arabic, English, and French.

Besides being talented in singing, Dann is good at playing drums. In between music activities, he took the time to channel his hobbies, namely swimming and watching movies.

2. Arthur


Similarly to Dann, Artur is a member of VARSITY who performed redebut with KINGDOM. Previously, he used the stage name Yun Ho. Currently, she occupies the position of lead dancer and vocal.

The owner of jang yun ho’s real name is known as the best street dancer. In addition, he also mastered reliable urban coreography. According to some sources, she was involved in dance for 7 years.

Besides his love of dance, Arthur enjoys playing games and table tennis. Her fashion style shows a fondness for sports, she often uses sports brands as her everyday outfit.

Arthur is one of the most frequent members of the stomach, his favorite foods include chicken, cake, ramen, and Baskin Robin ice cream. He claimed he couldn’t eat Shasimi.

3. Miracles


Mujin was born in South Korea on November 20, 2000. The real name of the member who occupies the position of rapper has not been revealed. He has a knack for writing song lyrics.

According to some sources, Mujin did not like summer. She feels comfortable and happy when she meets autumn and winter.

This black and grey fan loves to play soccer and swim. In addition, he was introduced as a member who is an expert in cooking.

Having sharp eyes, Mujin earned the nickname of a night owl. That’s what he got from those closest to him.

Mujin has a younger brother and a cat named Cheolsoo. He has a unique habit of not being able to sleep hungry.

4. Louis

KINGDOM, Member Profile

The full bio of this member has not been disclosed by GF Entertainment. Known to have the stage name Louis, he was born on April 8, 2001. Occupies a vocal position and is talented in dancing.

A hobby of listening to music and playing football. It seems that most KINGDOM members have expertise in sports. Having talent other than music is a plus for idols.

His favorites are meat, ready meals and sushi. When bored, he will spend time driving alone.

Louis claims to be an animal lover, especially a puppy. He was introduced as a member who had no interest in a particular color.

5. Ivan


The owner of this handsome face was introduced as a visual KINGDOM. Ivan fills the vocal position in the group because he has a melodious voice.

The man, who was born on October 12, 2001, is talented in bowling and taekwondo. In fact, Ivan earned a black belt in the martial arts and was part of the K-Tigers a few years ago.

For the unk know K-Tigers is a famous South Korean taekwondo team founded by Hak Sun Ah in 1990. In addition, they are a demonstration team that combines modern dance and martial arts movements.

Ivan loves listening to music and playing games. He loved Lotte’s 2% drink and enjoyed spicy food. His favorite colors are black and sky blue.

6. Jahan – KINGDOM

KINGDOM, Member Profile

There is not much information provided by GF Entertainment about Jahan. He was born on August 1, 2002 and is leo.

Jahan is talented in popping dance, a kind of street dance funk style that comes from California. Dances developed with modern genres are still popular today.

In addition, he has a knack for beatboxing. This is why Jahan occupies the position of rapper.

This man of sweet stature prefers to spend his free time listening to music or shopping.

7. Chiwoo – KINGDOM


Chiwoo fills the line along with Jahan. Not much is known about this youngest member.

GF Entertainment introduced this idol as one of the members who has a talent for dancing and playing football.

He was born on September 2, 2020 and is a Virgo. Chiwoo has a hobby of playing games and listening to music.

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That’s the fact about 7 KINGDOM members who are currently preparing for their debut. Carrying a unique concept, GF Entertainment’s boy group is ready to design in the South Korean music industry.

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