Recommended 5 Korean Comedies Films That You Shouldn’t Miss

Korean Comedy Films

Korean films are not only famous for romantic flms or melodramas that can make the audience laugh and shed tears. Some other genres such as fantasy, comedy and crime also have storylines that are no less interesting.

To increase the appeal of movies, multiple genres are incorporated into a single movie. One of the successful genres of comedy makes the audience laugh and be entertained. Here are 5 recommended Korean comedies that are a shame to miss.

Exit (2019)

Official Trailer Exit (2019)

Exit is an action-comedy film starring Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoona SNSD. The film tells the story of their struggle to save themselves from the toxic gas disaster that spread throughout Seoul.

Both were described as the best rock climbers while still in college. This skill is what they use to climb and pass through tall buildings to save themselves. Not only is the action thrilling, it is also able to feature comedies between the two main players. No wonder the film managed to reach 9 million viewers after its release in 24 countries.

Extreme Job (2019)

Official Trailer Extreme Job (2019)

The film follows five detectives on a narcotics team, who are working to capture Korea’s largest narcotics network. The five detectives are played by Ryoo Seung Ryoung, Honey Lee, Jin Seon Kyu, Lee Dong Hwi, and Gong Myung.

To arrest them, the five detectives disguised themselves as workers at a fried chicken restaurant. Unexpectedly, the effort, which was just a form of disguise, became very famous. The popularity of this chicken restaurant presents an unexpected situation before.

This comedy-clad action film became one of the Korean Box Office films along with exit. The film successfully features the funny mannerisms of the five detectives who are able to keep the audience entertained. Not only that, Extreme Job also won the top box office seller award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (2019).

Twenty (2015)

official Trailer Twenty (2015)

Twenty is a film about three men who have been friends since high school and are looking for their identity and pursuing their dreams in their 20s. The film stars Kim Woo Bin as Chi Ho, Lee Joon Ho as Dong Woo, and Kang Ha Neul as Gyung Jae.

All three went to great lengths to realize their dreams despite having to go through many obstacles. Kyung Jae who is very shy with women has aspirations of working in a big company. Dong Woo wants to be a famous comic writer. While Chi Ho is a playboy who just wants to have fun with women only.

Not only did the film focus on the three men’s goals, some of the comedy scenes were also tucked away and were able to keep the audience entertained.

Miss Granny (2014)

Official Trailer Miss Granny (2014)

This fantasy-comedy film tells the story of a 74-year-old grandmother named Oh Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee) who transforms into herself in her 20s. The change occurred, after he walked into a photo studio to capture himself. Not wanting to be caught by her family, she changes her identity to Oh Doo Ri (Shim Eun Kyung).

He also took advantage of the opportunity to do things he did not do in his youth. Not only Na Moon Hee and Shim Eun Kyung, the film also stars Lee Jin Wook, Jin Young, Park In Hwan, Sung Do Il, Hwang Jung Min, and Kim Seul Gi.

The film, which became one of the Korean Box Office films, has even been adapted in several countries, such as China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and indonesia.

Scandal Makers (2009)

Tailer Scandal Makers (2008)

Although it includes old movies, Scandal Makers can be one of the best comedies in Korea that is a shame to miss. The film stars Cha Tea Hyun, Park Bo Young, and Wang Suk Hyun.

Scandal Makers tells the story of Nam Hyun so (Cha Tae Hyun) a popular DJ radio announcer in his 30s. One day he arrives a guest of a girl named Hwang Jung Nam (Park Bo Young) and his son, Hwang Ki Dong (Wang Suk Hyun). Jung Nam comes to Hyun so’s apartment, and admits that she is Hyun so’s daughter.

After living together, the two are confronted with the suspicions of those around who see and assume that they are a couple. The film became a Successful Korean Box Office film selling over 400k tickets in one week.

Well, here are some Korean comedy recommendations you can watch at home.

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