Kpop Girl Group Is Predicted to End Its Contract in 2021

Kpop Girl Group Is Predicted to End Lovelyz's Contract

Almost every year, the South Korean entertainment industry introduces the name of the latest K-Pop group. Of course, this makes the idols have to fight hard to get the hearts of their fans. In order to survive in the midst of intense competition, they must try to become the best Kpop girl group.

However, many also chose not to continue the struggle as K-Pop idols. The reason is because the contract expires, less popular, choosing a solo career, getting involved in a scandal, or a health disorder. Like the following Kpop girl group, fans are worried they will disband in 2021.

Who Are the Kpop Girl Groups Predicted to Disband?

Citing several sources, this is the row of K-Pop groups that are predicted to disband in 2021.

KPOP Girl Group – Sonamoo

Kpop Girl Group Is Predicted to End Sonamoo's Contract

In 2019, members Ji Sumin and Kim Nahyun took legal routes to terminate their contracts with TS Entertainment. The agency, which also houses boy group BAP, often suffers from similar problems such as the case with rapper Sleepy and members of Secret.

Sonamoo himself made his debut in 2014, reportedly their contract expired in December 2021. Many predict that Kpop girl group will choose to end their career as idols. Due to the lack of popularity, both in South Korea and on the international scene.

Sonamoo’s career in the South Korean entertainment industry was revealed by Hong Eujin through the survival of The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project (2017). Through this event that aired on KBS, the dancer won first place and debuted with UNI.T. Apparently the victory has not affected the popularity of his group.

Some members also tried to solo careers such as New Sun who made his acting debut through the drama Criminal Minds (2018). Sonamoo’s youngest member appeared as a cameo in the first and second episodes. While Kim Dohee and Sung Minjae actively filled the soundtrack of the drama.

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Kpop girl group - Laboum

Kpop Girl group that has been active for six years is predicted to disband in 2021. Since making his debut, Laboum is considered to have difficulty in maintaining the fanbase. Their name is not very well known both domestically and abroad.

In 2017, Kim Yulhee chose to leave Kpop group after her romance with Choi Minhwan was revealed. Soon after, the couple announced their pregnancy and wedding plans to the public. Along with this news, Laboum’s career had its ups and downs.

Yujong, Hae In, and ZN also participated in The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project (2017). However, only ZN managed to debut with UNI.T. Real name owner Bae Jinye is ranked eighth.

Actually, a UNI career. T himself was not so successful. Kpop Girl group, which is supported by The Unit Culture Industry Company, officially debuted in May 2018. Then, it was disbanded in October 2018.



Lovelyz’s contract with Woollim Entertainment will also expire in November 2021. Actually, Kpop girl group is quite successful in maintaining popularity in South Korea. Even managed to grow the fanbase on the international scene.

However, many predict lovelyz will disband this year. Some people speculate that this Girl group could have terminated the contract, or there are members who are out for a solo career. There are also rumors that the occurrence of penganiyayaan and favoritism between members.

Bad news also hit Lovelyz before making his official debut. Ji so reportedly committed immoral acts against several people. Related to this, he did not participate in promotional activities. Due to mental distress and psychological disorders due to the scandal.

One year later, Woollim Entertainment stated that the allegations against its artists were false. According to some sources, the perpetrator of the false rumor spreader was sentenced to a fine by the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office and the Ansan Branch of Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office.

KPOP Girl Group – Berry Good

Berry Good
Berry Good

As is well known, Berry Good made too many formation changes. Shortly after debuting in 2014, Kpop girl group lost three members. In 2015, they made a comeback with a second single while introducing three new members.

Two years later, it released an EP and introduced a new member. That means the number of members to 7 people. But unfortunately, the name of this girl group is far from popular. Even now, only four members remain active. This is what makes the general public in South Korea predict Berry Good disbanded in 2021.

Not to mention, the issue of some members that often cause controversy. As news emerged in 2019, Daye was accused of intimidation while still a high school student. One of the victims recounted the chronological nature of her abuse on social media.

Several sources also said that, the agency cleared Daye’s name of the School’s alleged violence. Victims and witnesses began to emerge, but there was no response from JTG Entertainment.

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Another controversy came from Johyun, the 24-year-old vocalist most scandalous since joining Berry Good in 2016. She received negative criticism when she was dressed in open clothes, recently spreading the issue of corona, and was accused of body shaming Mijoo Lovelyz.

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