Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are engaged

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are engaged

Kristen Stewart has announced she is engaged to boyfriend Dylan Meyer. Stewart said it was the scriptwriter who had been her lover for the past two years who proposed to her to get married.

“We’re getting married, we’re definitely going to do it,” Stewart said on Sirius XM on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

“I want to be in the room too, so I guess I clearly imagined what I wanted and he made it happen. We’re getting married, this is happening,” he added.

Stewart said he had been married. He said the food in his show was important.

She says she doesn’t care about floral decorations, and Kristen Stewart says she wants to wear jeans instead of a wedding dress.

“I wanted to wear the best pair of Levi’s ever and like, a T-shirt that had a tuxedo printed on it,” Stewart said.

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“I want to get married like in Topanga, I want to relax and the show feels at home, I want him to laugh out loud when he sees me, like when wearing a T-shirt with a tuxedo print.”

But Stewart said he would prefer the event to be held in Los Angeles because he wanted all invitations to be able to attend. He also said he didn’t want a traditional wedding procession, such as walking on altas. For him, just promise together and then party.

The two’s desire to go to the wedding was revealed in November 2019. ET says Stewart loves Dylan Meyer and can’t wait to move his relationship to a more serious level.

A Look at Kristen Stewart’s Love Journey

Before becoming Dylan Meyer’s girlfriend, Stewart was known to have been in a relationship with Michael Angarano from 2005 to 2009. Then she was in a serious relationship with Robert Pattinson for 4 years.

But her relationship with Pattinson ended after Stewart became embroiled in a forbidden love affair with then-married director Rupert Sanders. Both later apologized. In 2013-2016, Kristen Stewart dated visual effects producer Alicia Cargile. It became stewart’s first publicly known relationship.

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After breaking up with Cargile, Stewart went on to have a special relationship with New Zealand model Stella Maxwell. But the relationship ended in 2018. In August 2019, Kristen Stewart is known to be dating Dylan Meyer.

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