Kwon Mina Will Return to Acting, Briefly Devastated By Bullying Case

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Former AOA member Kwon Mina had a difficult time after his relationship with Shin Jimin went public. The abuse committed by the leader of the group greatly affected his life.

Not long ago, Kwon Mina was back active on Instragram social media. Through a post uploaded on January 16, 2021, she told of her future wishes and soon returned to the world of role art.

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The singer and actress revealed that she was excited after hearing the words of a senior actress. He said the celebrity was his fan who had a beautiful heart and face.

Previously, Kwon Mina had appeared as a model for BNT magazine at the end of last year. This year, she is ready to greet fans by getting back active in the acting world.

Man attempted suicide attempt

Kwon Mina

Still linked to shin jimin’s bullying scandal, Kwon Mina had an attempted suicide. Through a personal instragram account, he uploaded a photo of a wrist covered in blood. Allegedly, he tried to end his life by severing his veins.

In the post, Kwon Mina included an alarming caption. He mentioned his friends in the group, as well as asking for accountability to Jimin and Seolhyun. As well as mentioning the name of FNC Entertainment CEO, Han Sung Ho.

Kwon Mina also stated that it was not a false accusation. He said his family members had done nothing wrong, but also felt sadness. The 27-year-old woman is seeking responsibility for the psychological damage caused.

In the last sentence, Mina AOA said the people mentioned in her post only knew about money.

The agency that currently houses Kwon Mina, Woori Actors sent paramedics after seeing the artist’s post. According to some sources, they tried to contact the authorities to ascertain his condition.

The agency immediately contacted police and 119 after reading Kwon Mina’s post. At that time, Woori Actor staff admitted that they did not know the exact condition of the environment around the artist.

Fans were relieved after Kwon Mina was released from the hospital on August 9, 2020. Mina confirmed a temporary vacuum from the entertainment world for health recovery.

The agency is always monitoring the artist’s condition, because they are worried that something similar is happening again. During the healing process, Kwon Mina was handed over to her parents to stay safe.

Want to Solve Problems with Shin Jimin Without Going Through Legal Channels

Kwon Mina

Since exposing jimin’s abuse against him, Kwon Mina has become the center of public concern. The problem never finished getting the authorities to intervene.

Because, Kwon Mina admitted that the breeding was done for 10 years. According to some sources, the melodious woman did not just attempt suicide once.

An unidentified person enters a request to investigate kwon mina’s abuse case on August 13, 2020 at Gangnam Police Station, Seoul.

According to the JoongAng Ilbo report, the request was entered through the sunmigi public, namely representatives of four citizens to voice complaints to the government.

Where the complaint contained a request for a full investigation into the bullying that intimidated Kwon Mina during her time as an AOA member.

Woori Actor’s representative confirmed that he had received a call from the police. However, after discussions with Mina, they decided to reject the investigation.

The agency also confirmed that the artist has absolutely no interest in taking the case to the legal line. Not long ago, Kwon Mina personally apologized for raising the concerns of some.

During his recovery, he briefly deleted his instagram account. His psychological condition is still fragile. Kwon Mina wants to focus on healing first.

Exposing FNC Entertainment’s Injustice To Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina

Not only did jimin expose the bullying that led him to quit AOA, he also revealed the agency’s attitude towards him. FNC Entertainment is accused of protecting the group’s leader.

The disclosure of this case to the public not only impacted the image of AOA members, the agency that overshadowed them also had to accept the bitter reality. FNC Entertainment shares fell sharply.

According to data from KOSDAQ, FNC Entertainment shares fell 4.31% or 270 won. Even SF9’s comeback was unable to raise the agency’s stake. The market capitalization decreased by 3,879,179,600.

This is allegedly because FNC Entertainment did not respond quickly to the handling of abuse cases involving its artists. Jimin’s attitude to bullying was also associated with a decline in the company’s shares.

The horrendous case led Jimin to finally decide to quit AOA. He decided to vacuum from the entertainment world to an indefined time.

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After the group’s exit, FNC Entertainment announced that AOA had canceled performances at several music events. Including the Wonder Woman Festival held in 2020.

As it is known, FNC Entertainment has had its peak of glory since 2015. Due to the artist’s lack of care, the agency received considerable impact.

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