Lee Min Ho And Yeonwoo Ex MOMOLAND Rumored to Be Dating

Momoland's Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo rumored to be dating

Dispatch released photos of Lee Min Ho with MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo and mentioned the two are currently dating. According to Dispatch, Min Ho was also seen attending Yeonwoo’s birthday event on August 1, 2021. In fact, they were together counting down Yeonwoo’s birthday time, as Min Ho and Yeonwoo were together when the clock showed midnight on August 1. The two are said to have been dating for five months.

Sources close to Min Ho said the Kdrama Heirs star’s dating style.

“Lee Min Ho has always been honest about his love. She doesn’t care what other people think and enjoys dating outside. He’s not trying to hide anything,” the source said.

Suzy’s ex-boyfriend also reportedly picked up and went to watch a movie on COEX Megabox with Yeonwoo for a date. But because of the pandemic, they usually spend a lot of time dating at home, besides that their house is also only five minutes by foot.

Both also have the same interest in playing games, they often play games together, sometimes throughout the night. In addition to games, they also have a similar interest in movies that help bring the two closer together.

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But MYM Entertainment, lee min ho’s agency immediately dismissed the rumors. On Monday (08/30/2021), the agency said the relationship between Lee Min Hoo and Yeonwoo ex MOMOLAND was only limited to friends.

Even so, MYM Entertainment confirmed that the artist and Yeonwoo had a chance to watch together. It’s just that peacocks are not only the two because there are friends who also participate, quoting from Soompi’s report.

Previously, Yeonwoo was known after participating in the survival event ‘Finding MOMOLAND’ in 2016. As the name suggests, the event is intended to select idol candidates who will fill the MOMOLAND line-up. Yeonwoo was ranked fifth, making his debut and becoming a vocalist, rapper, center and visuals at MOMOLAND.

MOMOLAND then debuted in 2016 and has since won numerous awards and wins through their songs. But in November 2019, Yeonwoo decided to leave the group that raised her name.

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