Not even 1 month after the breakup, Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be dating sexy artist Gigi Hadid

Leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio The handsome Titanic star is rumored to be dating model Gigi Hadid. He recently broke up with Argentine model Camila Morrone on August 30, 2022. The handsome actor is rumored to not take long to find a replacement.

Rumors have surfaced that Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi are reportedly dating, but other sources say they are just friends. But other sources say they are just friends. A source told In Touch that Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were never romantically involved this summer.

The statement from the second source also agrees with another third source. But regardless of their relationship, these two A-listers do spend a lot of time together.

It is undeniable that Zayn Malik’s ex is a beautiful and sexy figure and is said to have a humble personality. So let’s all wait and see how these two Hollywood celebrities will open up about their romantic relationship.

Besides, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend did not expect so much. No wonder the actor who played Jack in the movie Titanic earned the nickname Playboy. Uniquely, from the row of ex-girlfriends who had a relationship with Leo, the average age is 25 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Who are Leonardo DiCaprio’s exes

1. Bridget Hall

Leo’s first ex-girlfriend was a beautiful model named Bridget Hall. The two have started to smell a special relationship since 1994. However, unfortunately Leo and Bridget Hall’s relationship had to run aground and did not continue to a more serious level.

2. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell became the next woman to fill Leo’s heart. They were rumored to be in a relationship when Naomi was 24 years old, while Leo was 20 at the time.

3. Rihanna

Who would have thought, singer Rihanna was among the women who had been smitten with Leo’s good looks. The Umbrella singer was once romantically involved with Leonardo DiCaprio. But unfortunately, the two of them only ran for three months, from January to March 2015.

4. Toni Garrn

Next, Leo is back in a relationship with a beautiful woman who works as a model named Toni Garrn. But again, their relationship ran aground and only lasted two years because of the age difference.

5. Barbara Palvin

Breaking up with Toni Garrn, Leo is again dating a young woman who works as a model named Barbara Palvin. They were 19 years apart in age in 2013.

6. Black Lively

Blake Lively fell for Leonardo DiCaprio’s charms and decided to date for 5 months in 2011. Blake broke up with Leo when she was 25 years old.

7. Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton and Leo dated for 10 months but broke up in 2012. Decided by 37-year-old Leo, Erin was only 23 years old at the time.

8. Gisele Bundchen

Sexy model Giselle Bundchen was once romantically involved with Leo. They are rumored to have a relationship that can be said to be quite lasting in terms of dating. At least Leo and Giselle had dated for five years, starting from 2000 to 2005. Giselle is a famous supermodel from Brazil.

9. Miranda Kerr

Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Miranda Kerr is a secretive one. The two had a special relationship in 2013.

10. Kristen Zang

Kristen Zang and Leo are known to have had a long and serious relationship. The two were in a relationship for at least four years, from 1995 to 1999.

11. Amber Valletta

Another supermodel that Leo had dated, Amber Valetta around 98. Reportedly, Leo told his men to look for this model-turned-filmmaker after he saw her in a magazine. They started dating in 1998.

12. Helena Christensen

At the beginning of his popularity, Leo had dated another Victoria’s Secret model, Helena Christensen in 1997. But unfortunately, their relationship only lasted for 3 months and had to run aground.

13. Bar Refaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli had a not-so-smooth romance. Their relationship was on and off in the early 2000s.

Good looks that never fade

Leonardo DiCaprio

It is known that the good looks of ‘Titanic’ actor Leonardo DiCaprio never seem to fade. Although he is almost entering his fifth head, Leonardo DiCaprio’s good looks still managed to captivate the heart of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress Drew Barrymore.

So handsome, Leonardo DiCaprio is even called Drew Barrymore ‘hotter’ than the earth experiencing global warming. And fans are certainly very supportive of Drew Barrymore’s rant.

There are even fans who blame Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘heat’ for causing global warming!

This incident stems from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram account, @leonardodicaprio, which uploaded a post about changes in the earth’s temperature in the future on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The post shows that the earth is getting hotter as time goes by.

Funnily enough, right below Leonardo DiCaprio’s post, Drew Barrymore immediately commented. And the comment certainly caught the public’s attention because it was considered to be teasing the handsome man who is still busy dating and not yet married.

“You’re supposed to be the hottest (sexiest) and not our planet!” commented the blue-ticked Instagram account @drewbarrymore.

This comment may not have gotten a direct answer from Leonardo DiCaprio, but many of his fans did.

“@drewbarrymore I totally agree with this comment (laughing person emoji). You’re great, Drew,” commented one Leonardo DiCaprio fan.

There are also fans who feel that Drew Barrymore’s comments about Leonardo DiCaprio being ‘too hot’ are true.

According to the fan, Leonardo DiCaprio is to blame for the current global warming.

After her bizarre comment received a lot of response from Leonardo DiCaprio fans, actress Drew Barrymore then made a follow-up comment that sounded more appropriate.

“Thank you for always being a pioneer to save the earth,” wrote Drew Barrymore.

It is known that Drew Barrymore and Leonardo DiCaprio are Hollywood artists of the same age. Both are 46 years old, but Leonardo DiCaprio tends to prefer girls who are much younger than him.

Like his ex-girlfriend, model Lorena Rae (27) and his current girlfriend, Camila Morrone (24). Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore herself is currently living a single life after separating from her husband, Will Kopelman.

So, do you still agree that Leonardo DiCaprio caused global warming in this world?

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