Lisa Not Allowed to Attend Paris Fashion Week, BLINK Crowds YG Entertainment Protests

Lisa Not Allowed to Attend Paris Fashion Week, BLINK Crowds YG Entertainment Protests

Yg Entertainment did not allow Lisa to attend Paris Fashion Week with Bvlgari due to COVID-19. This makes her fans (BLINK) furious, even now Lisa’s name is on the list of trending topics of Twitter and other social media.

The problem stems from YG’s statement banning blackpink’s youngest member from attending any event in Paris. No exception to the fashion event in the Eiffel Tower’s home country. Lisa was already in Paris when YG issued the statement. The Thai idol according to the schedule should have done a photo shoot to represent Bvlgari at the Paris Fashion Week event. Lisa herself is the ambassador of the luxury jewelry brand.

Previously, Bvlgari CEO Jean Christophe Babin alluded to the role of the agency that houses BLACKPINK regarding restrictions on the activities of individual idols. On her Instagram, Jean wrote that Lisa was not allowed by her agency to attend the event held in Milano on the grounds of COVID-19.

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“Lisa is in Paris but unfortunately because of COVID, her agency doesn’t want her to participate in the event,” Jean wrote.

“It’s a shame because we have an amazing Bvlgari event tomorrow in Milano and he won’t be there.”

This made BLACKPINK’s Lisa forced to miss the opportunity to meet other celebrities from Bvlgari such as American supermodel Lily Aldridge and singer Zendaya. In protest, fans are demanding YG Entertainment for justice against Lisa through their tweets.

“YG Entertainment is completely unfair, clearly restricting Lisa’s activities to participating in some events. It shouldn’t be like this that you treat a world star @ygent_official,” twitter user @crew_lisanesia wrote.

“Lisa should have been at Paris Fashion Week as bvlgari’s global ambassador if it wasn’t for the COVID that @ygentertainment her, justice for Lisa,” @lilieshome_ wrote.

Not only that, the agency also did not include Lisa’s solo song in YG Entertainment’s Spotify playlist. Previously, BLINK had asked YG to treat BLACKPINK’s maknae the same as the other members when they debuted solo. BLINK also considered the agency did not promote Lisa’s solo debut with the album Lalisa to the maximum.

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