Make It Melt! Here’s a Photo of The Beautiful IU at the GDA Event

IU's Beautiful Photos On GDA's Red Carpet Melt

Saturday (09/01) yesterday, taking place at one of the awards ceremonies called the Golden Disk Awards, IU looked very elegant in an all-black style. Yes, it looks like a beautiful woman who wears a black dress similar to the antagonist is attracting a lot of attention. It’s IU. IU wears a very fashionable all-black shirt, moves towards the fans and the media and gives a finger heart that fascinates the people around him.

On last Saturday at 15.50 KST or 13.50 WIB there was an award ceremony that took place. The name of the event is Golden Disc Awards (GDA). This event for the first day will be welcomed by Park So Dam and Lee Seung Gi who have the role of GDA host.

Several KPOP group singers and idols have confirmed their attendance at this awards ceremony such as GOT7, BTS, NCT 127, TWICE, Stray Kids, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST and Oh My Girl. As well as a variety of other groups.

IU Wins Many Awards Until Now

IU Wins Many Awards Until Now
IU Wins Many Awards Until Now

Lee Ji eun or IU is best known as a singer, composer, artist and host. This beautiful woman has also been a dancer and guitarist who made her name soaring. According to the data, IU first made its debut in 2008. His debut was immediately shaded by LOEN Entertainment which was then in the Kpop music genre.

IU is a famously beautiful woman born on May 16, 1993. He was born in Gwangjin, Seoul, South Korea.

IU as a child was already famous as a girl who was interested in entering the entertainment industry, she also attended acting classes several times. Until the middle school years, IU finally decided to become a singing man. At the time she felt that she had just found happiness just by singing on stage during her school show. Apparently from there, he tried to get deeper into the world of singing.

He had participated in more than 20 auditions but the results always failed, even he was once deceived by one of the fake entertainment companies. However, his intention to achieve his dream never dimmed, until finally in 2007 he finally joined one of the companies that until now was responsible by his career. The company is LOEN Entertainment.

IU Didn’t Expect This Success On Debut

IU Didn't Expect This Success On Debut
IU Didn’t Expect This Success On Debut

After successfully joining LOEN Entertainment, IU did not stop there. He kept trying until his debut. IU spent 10 years as a trainee, constantly trying to improve her singing and dancing skills. Until for the first time, this beautiful girl debuted on an entertainment show called Mnet on September 18, 2008.

But even though he successfully performed his first song titled Lost Child. But at the event, many of the people who existed gave inappropriate assessments of his performance because at that time IU wore clothes that they felt were inappropriate for the stage show.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the bitter experience did not discourage him. Even his first experience was always a reminder when he was feeling lackluster. From the album he sang, entitled Lost and Found. He won an award as Rookie of the Month by the Ministry of Culture of Korea.

IU Interesting Facts

Who doesn’t know IU? The artist, who is often seen pacing around in any awards, is notable for being beautiful and his many fans. He is also known as one of KPOP’s most fan-owned superstars. He was friendly to his fans, even so intelligent.

But of all the successes he has now had, there are some interesting facts about IU that you can see. One interesting fact is that IU used to grow up in a less financially stable family. However, this did not stop her from reaching her mind as a singer. He even worked day and night in the studio just to prepare for his debut.

The next fact is that IU is a great artist and has even been recognized as a top-rated actress. Everything about him is always in the spotlight and a good view from his fans. Finally, she often earned the nickname Kpop’s queen.

This is because IU is able to sing with strong vocal tones without looking troubled, even he can bring difficult genres such as Jazz, R&B, pop folk and electro pop. He also wrote and produced his own music. This is what makes her different from other musicians so that people crown her as the queen of Kpop.

Penghargaan Golden Disc Awards

Penghargaan Golden Disc Awards
Penghargaan Golden Disc Awards

The award, which is being attended by IU, is one of the awards ceremony held by the Music Industry Association as a remarkable achievement in the music industry in South Korea.

The award was first held in 1986 and is held every year.

This event was held today in order to appreciate the music in the Korean industry who have released their albums or songs from November 2019 to November 2020

On the first day of the event, the winners will be announced for the digitally released song category. On this occasion IU has won several Daesang trophies for the Digital Song of the Years category. This adds to the list of awards he has won.

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When IU came to the awards, she was seen wearing a black suit with a black mask as well that looked like a pretty lady boss. Not forgetting when he greeted his fans, he added finger love that finally succeeded in making the media and fans amazed and gave him praise.

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