South Korea’s Foreign Minister Confirms BTS Member Joins military service

BTS Member Joins Wamil

Is BTS exempt from military service?. The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) officially announced that the boy band BTS was not exempt from military service.

Previously, Fans and Citizens of Korea Seatan discussed if BTS deserved a military exemption because of their contribution in lifting K-Pop on the international scene which is also considered to have an impact on the country’s economy.

So far, MMA has not provided clarity on this issue despite government officials stating that BTS still has to serve in the military.

Meanwhile, MMA has granted military exemptions to a number of people who have contributed tremendously to the country. Those people are Olympic athletes and classical musicians who have scented the country’s name.

But apparently, this doesn’t apply to pop celebrities. Dansir of Allkpop, under current Korean law, all citizens can apply for conscription delays, if there are specific reasons and then be taken into account.

How long has Jin BTS join military service? If BTS members do not propose a delay, BTS fans, ARMY, should be prepared to relinquish the devotion of one of Jin’s members within the next two years.

Since 1957, every South Korean male citizen aged 18-28 has been required to serve about two years of military service. Women are allowed to register voluntarily.

Until now, no physically and mentally healthy Korean idol has been released from military service.

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