Having Stunning Charisma on Stage, This K-Pop Boy Group Member Is Most In The Talk

K-Pop Boy Group Members

Today, K-Pop is entering the fourth generation. It is undeniable that more and more K-Pop boy groups are debuting and gaining popularity. Of the many idols in the entertainment world, some of them managed to steal the attention of women.

Most fans admire the captivating stage action, but not a few praise its good looks. Here are three members of the K-Pop boy group who are currently in hot conversation.

1. Juyeon – Boy Group The Boyz

boy group, K-pop boy group
Juyeon The Boyz

For most K-Pop lovers, perhaps Juyeon’s name still sounds familiar. Because, he is relatively new in the South Korean music industry. K-Pop Boy group The Boyz debuted in 2017 under Cre.ker Entertainment.

Not long ago, Juyeon sontak became the subject of discussion nitizen South Korea, his good looks made the people drunk kepayang. This makes The Boyz’s fans grow. Not a few who claimed to have just realized that he is indeed beautiful.

The owner, Lee Juyeon, fills the position as lead dancer as well as visual. Born on January 15, 1998 in Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He is listed as an alumnus of Seoul Samyook High School.

While in elementary school, Juyeon served as president of the student committee. He also accepted the recommendations of members of the national assembly. Classified as students who excel both academically and non-academically. He is proficient in Japanese and English.

Long before his debut, Juyeon had the best dancing talent among the trainees. Until recently, he had been a magnet for fans when The Boyz performed on stage.

In between his busy life, Juyeon took the time to exercise. He has a hobby of playing basketball. No wonder he has an ideal body, height 180 cm and weight 67 kg.

Thanks to her pros and supported by a beautiful face, she was appointed as a catwalk model at the Seoul Fashion Week 2017 event. In addition, he is also often a prop for famous magazines and brands.

Juyeon admitted that her role model is Yunho, she even cried when she was reunited with the TVXQ member on a reality show.

2. Hyunjin Stray Kids

boy group, K-pop boy group
Hyunjin – Boy Group Stray Kids

Members of K-Pop boy group Stray Kids have been dubbed “princes” by fans. This is nothing but parasnya make anyone fall in love. Today, its name is not only popular in South Korea, but also known internationally.

Hyunjin occupies the position of rapper, dancer, and vocalist in his group. Besides being talented in the music world and having a handsome face, he also has long legs and a body. He is the highest paid member of Stray Kids.

The owner of the real name Hwang Hyunjin was born on March 20, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. When he was 7 years old, he and his family moved to Las Vegas. While in the country, he used the name Sam.

Graduated from the School of Performing Arts in 2019, at the art school he majored in dance. Nicknamed “the prince” since he was in high school, Hyunjin has good looks since birth. However, on a television program, he denied the news.

While broadcasting on Youtube, Hyunjin told about the unpleasant evasion that had befallen him. While still a trainee, he became the target of a sect. It can’t just disappear from his mind.

Hyunjin admits to feeling happy every time he is on stage, this is what makes him decide to become a musician. In addition, he thinks music is always interesting to listen to.

According to other members, Hyunjin has a difficult habit of waking up. In fact, he set off the alarm with a very loud volume, until it was heard by all dorm residents.

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In addition to his busy life as an idol, he was appointed as the host of Show Music Core, and had appeared as a cameo in the web drama A-Teen Season 2 episode 16 with I.N.

3. Yeonjun TXT

boy group, K-pop boy group
Yeonjun – TXT

Fans of K-Pop boy group Tomorrow X Together or TXT must know that each member has their own charm. Yeonjun the multitalented idol is no exception, her name is popular among South Korean nitizen nowadays.

For those who do not know Yeonjun, she was born on September 13, 1999 in Bundang-gu, Seongnam, South Korea. Having a face like an anime character makes itself easy to spot.

The owner, Choi Yeonjun, chose to use his real name as his stage name. He was the first member to be confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment,before releasing his debut video on January 10, 2019.

Since her first introduction to the public, Yeonjun managed to attract K-Pop lovers. After its official debut, her name immediately became a trending topic on South Korean social media.

When he was 9 years old, he and his family lived in America for 2 years. He always answers using English fluently, when doing enterviews with media outside Korea.

Despite being the elder member of the boy group, Yeonjun often acts adorable and cheerful. It earned him the nickname fake meaning ,fans also dubbed him as an energizer because he was always excited.

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Yeonjun was a cube entertainment trainee, and she auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment. At the time, he was challenged to showcase his rap skills. He has absolutely no experience of being a rapper.

Eventually, he became a trainee for four years at the agency that also houses the BTS. In fact, he earned the nickname legendary trainee because of his long training period.

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