Mnet Announces Line Up of Mentor High School Rapper 4

Mnet Announces Line Up of Mentor High School Rapper 4

High School Rapper is a survival show aimed at high school students. Currently, the program is entering its 4th season. HAON, Jo Wonwoo, Lee Rohan, VINXEN, and Yoon Jinyoung are popular rappers for the competition.

Currently, The High School Rapper is doing a stage of selecting talented young rappers. Registration will be open until December 13, 2020, for those born from 2002 to 2005.

On December 2, 2020, the High School Rapper announced a mentor line up. Who are the senior rappers who will participate in this Survival Show?

1. Jay Park

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Jay Park is known as a talented singer and rapper in the South Korean entertainment industry. This tattooed man started his career with 2PM,in the group he occupied the position of leader. His career as a musician did not go smoothly, posts he uploaded via private social media caused controversy.

Hate speech against South Koreans is a big problem, this makes him have to withdraw from 2PM and decide to return to America. A few years later, he returned to the entertainment industry as a soloist. His works were quite successful in the market.

During his solo career, the owner of the original name Park Jae Beom won various prestigious awards including Naver Male Solo Most Popular 2010 Search 2010, Mashable Awards USA 2011: Best Web Video, Golden Disk Award 2011: Disk Bonsang, Asia Model Awards 2012: Popular Artist Awards.

His extraordinary talent made him a judge on the biggest talent show, Asia’s Got Talent with Angun and David Foster. In addition, Jay Park also participated as a mentor in Show Me the Money and High School Rapper Season 4.

Jay Park also showed his acting skills through the 2011 film Mr. Idol, and the un-released film Hype Nation 3D.

2. pH-1

high school rapper, rapper

Hip hop music lovers are no strangers to pH-1, this talented rapper often presents fresh and listenable work. His name is increasingly popular in the country after participating in the Asian Sound Syndicate 2020 event some time ago.

The man whose real name is Park Jun Won is known as a unique rapper. This is because she never put sexual things, drugs, or money into the lyrics of her songs.

Besides being talented in rap music, he is good at playing instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, and many more. This tall man admitted that if he has aspirations away from the world of music, namely wanting to be a football athlete.

pH-1 has been raping since 2015, after graduating from Boston College and majoring in Dentistry. However, his love of hip hop grew, he changed his mind and chose his path as a musician.

The young rapper released an album titled Halo and X, and his popular singles include Wavy, Perfect, Donut, Penthouse, DVD, Cupid, Hate You, Orange, Flacker, Like Me, Malibu, BOOL, and Nerdy Love.

The collaborative projects involving him include Iffy, Good Day, 119, Giddy Up, Blue Champagne, and Gang Official Remix.

3. Woogie

high school rapper, rapper

Woogie is the stage name of Park Je Wook, a South Korean rapper and producer. While still under H1GHR Music, he collaborated with Sik-K, Jay Park, and Locco. The young rapper was confirmed to join the Rapper Season 4 High School project as a mentor.

Woogie’s name is taken from the last korean name, Wook. It also has the meaning of South African music, Boogie Woogie. His best works include Rolling Stone, Play Me, Welcome to Seoul, Fantasi.1, and Paradise. He also collaborated with Hwasa on the song In the Fall.

4. The Quiett

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Shin Dong Gab or better known as The Quiett is a South Korean rapper. He also worked as a composer and record producer. In 2004, he founded a record label for rappers called Seoul Company.

In 2011, together with Dok2 founded a new record label called Illionaire Records. The Quiett joined as a mentor of Show Me the Money Season 3, as well as a producer for Bobby iKOn, the season winner.

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The 35-year-old rapper rejoined Show Me the Money in 2016 with Dok2 representing Illionaire Records. As well as produced myunDo, Flowsik, Kim Hyo-eun, and Superbee. In the latest news, The Quiett is no longer working with the record label.

Popular albums released by The Quiett include Music, Q Rain, The Real Me, Quiet Storm: A Night Record, 1 Life 2 Live, and Q Train. He was also involved in collaboration projects such as Supremacy with Paloalto, 246 with MakeSense, and 11:11 with Dok2 and Beenzino.

5. Yumdda

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Yumdda is one of the rappers confirmed to be the mentor of High Scool Rapper Season 4. On November 25, 2020, she and The Quiett founded the new record label Daytona Entertainment.

The former MTV South Korean VJ has released several albums including Breathe, Mina, and Breathe 2. Not only that, he also joined in collaborative projects such as Forever 84, I’mma Do, J2B, and Run Damoim.

During his time in the entertainment industry, he won prestigious awards such as the Korean Hip Hop Award 2020 for Artist of the Year and Collaboration of the Years.

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