Differences between Money Heist Korea and the Original Version

Korean Money Heist

Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area begins airing today, Friday (24/6/2022) on Netflix. Of course there are differences between the original series which originated in Spain and the Korean version. From the core of the story, Money Heist Korea is no different from the original series. It is about a group of people with various expertise who are trying to rob the country’s financial institutions.

The chief robber is a strategist nicknamed the Professor. The robbery is also based on the same thing, namely because it feels that there is an economic injustice felt by the people. Similarly, the nicknames for the robbers are also the same, namely Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi and others. The robbers also remained wearing the iconic red jumpsuit.

However, in order to keep it interesting and invite new audiences, Money Heist Korea gives a little other touch. Some new intrigues and conflicts are also given, to make it different from the original version. Here are three differences that you will witness.

Political Dynamics of South and North Korea

The first thing that most distinguishes the Korean version of Money Heist from the Spanish is the more pronounced political dynamics. In his synopsy, it is stated that the robbery occurred when the process of reunification aka the unification of South and North Korea was almost achieved.

For this reason, the audience will find characters from North Korea involved in this series. The first is the character Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo), one of the robbers who is described as an ordinary girl. Then Captain Cha Moo-hyuk (Kim Sung-oh), he is a former North Korean special agent who helps Seon Woo-jin (Kim Yun-jin) negotiate with the usurper group.

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Then, there are also South Korean and North Korean forces united in fighting robber gangs. Naturally, these three things will bring different social issues to the Spanish Money Heist.

Korean Money Heist Mask

In the original version, the gang of robbers used Salvador Dali’s red jumpsuit and scabbed. However, in the Korean version, the mask was changed to a traditional Korean mask originating from the Andong region called Hahoe. This mask is depicted as smiling mysteriously and white in color.

Park Hae-so, a Berliner who also appeared as Sang-woo in the Squid Game series, said that the mask represents a critical attitude to the ruler with a touch of humor.

“Viewed from various angles, it will look different,” he said in an online press conference of Money Heist Korea, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

Tokyo Characters That Are Different from the Original Version

Jun Jong-seo said that the Tokyo character he played became a very different character from all the original characters. In the Korean version, Tokyo is portrayed as an ordinary young man, not as angry and eccentric as the Spanish version.

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