Monsta X, Boyband Idol Since Debut Until Now

Monsta X, Boyband Idol

Monsta X is a newcomer boy band that has managed to melt the hearts of fans in every performance. His presence is always waiting for the fans. How not, this handsome six-member boygroup was able to prove that their achievements were not derived from sensation. Rather, they deserve to be proud.

In addition to BTS,all members of this Monsta X band have fans who don’t mess around in numbers. Five years since its debut, the vocal group has now won numerous prestigious awards. In 2015, under the auspices of starship entertainment agency, the boy band debuted for the first time.

History Established

Originally, each member was the star of mnet’s survival show No Mercy. Therefore, the intertwined wife and solidarity of this male vocal group is almost unparalleled. They always support each other, thus making the group stronger.

The struggle that has been poured out to them to be able to be positioned above the clouds like today is certainly not easy. Obstacles have also been visited in the career of this group boy. Falling awake has passed. However, that doesn’t make them just give up. For despair will only lead to regret.

Meaning of Monsta X Naming

Meaning of Monsta X Naming
Meaning of Monsta X Naming

Why did this talented boygroup choose the name Monsta X? Not just a mere name, but of course there is a very deep meaning behind its naming. Literally, the word Monsta comes from two different syllables, Mon and Sta.

The two syllables are derived from French. Mon shows the meaning of mine, while Sta is a word referring to the star, from the word Star which is then the letter r eliminated. Very touching isn’t it?

Then, regarding the letter X on the back, symbolizing an undefined place, unknown coordinate point. Therefore, when composed, Monsta X means my star that comes from a place that cannot be found, but is ready to spread the light, adorning the universe. Wow, that’s philosophical, isn’t it?

The Selection of Monbebe As a Fandom Name

Monbebe can be liken to the phrase My Star, which means my star. The word Mon there refers to ‘mine’ as well as the word mon as the prefix of the name of the idol boy band Monbebe. Literally, Monbebe means my star. However, in a sense it can be engraved that means my favorite, beloved Monster X. Well, it’s great to hear it.

Career Journey

Career Journey
Career Journey

In 2015, Monsta X debuted its first mini-album, Trespass, on May 14, 2015. A few months later, the same year, the boy band re-released their latest MINI album, Rush.

Initially, the music group consisted of seven members. However, in 2019, 4 years after its formation, Wonho as lead vocalist decided to resign due to being dragged into an unssightly scandal.

Current Monsta X Members

K-popers let alone Monbebe must have been very familiar with the members of this boy band. Monbebe, as the fandom name of this South Korean boygroup, must never miss the latest information about its idol star. However, in the reviews below, regarding each member’s profile, you’ll find the latest information, which may not have been known before. What are they? Keep an check.


With the full name Sohn Hyun Woo, he is the leader as well as the lead dancer and vocalist. In fact, Shownu was a trainee at JYP Entertainment agency on the boy band GOT7. It’s been seen how talented a handsome man is as the leader of this boy band. His good-lookingness is also very alluring.


His position as a rapper made Joohoney always seem macho, like a man of women’s dream. Born on 06 October 1994, the zodiac he owned was Libra. Well, for those with the same zodiac, you should be happy to hear the idol was born in the same month. Thus, you can celebrate a birthday together with an idol figure, very uwu of course.


The owner of chae hyung won’s full name is the principal dancer, vocalist, and visual. Complete already, have great talent as well as charming. Her thick lips make her more distinctive.


As the lead vocalist, his voice is very martyred when heard. In fact, making the song he performed always makes the listeners addicted, so want to listen to this boygroup song over and over again. Born in 1993, the man named best vocalist has the full name Yoo Ki Hyun.


It is not Minhyuk’s name when not present to entertain others. Its predicate as an atmosphere bearer, makes Minhyuk always able to dilute the atmosphere. Various jokes by the man with the full name Lee Min Hyuk is able to turn a sad heart into joy.


This one is Maknae in this boyband. As the youngest figure, born in 1966, makes her look cute always. Although he is younger than others, his talent is undoubted. He is good at raping, as well as having a very super voice. Very precise mix.

Success Always, Monsta X!

Success Always, Monsta X!
Success Always, Monsta X!

Starting from a name that contains strong motivation, they were able to conquer the world of k-pop. Despite being eared as newcomers, it is not with their popularity. The fans are not only from their home countries, but also from outside their home countries. The support provided by fandom makes them stronger. Strong to produce his best works. Success always, Monsta X!

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