Mouse, Lee Seung Gi’s Latest Korean Thriller Drama

Mouse, Lee Seung Gi's New Korean Drama

Mouse is a Korean drama starring handsome actor Lee Seung Gi this year and is a thriller. Korean drama Mouse, which will air on March 3, is a mystery thriller about a special human being.

He was able to identify a psychopath through DNA tests that could be carried out even though the fetus was still in the mother’s womb. What will be at the heart of the drama is whether a mother who knows her child will be born a psychopath will still give birth to her or not?

Lee Seung-gi’s Role In Mouse Drama

Lee Seung-gi’s Role In Mouse Drama

Lee Seung Gi will play Jung Ba Reum. He one day confronts a psychopath who terrorizes the population through his brutal actions by killing people he doesn’t like.

Will Jung Ba Reum catch the psychopath? Or will he himself be the victim of a psychopath’s ferocity? So that’s the answer is in the Korean drama Mouse which will air on March 3.

Other Actors in Mouse Drama

Other Actors in Mouse Drama
Other Actors in Mouse Drama

Besides Lee Seung Gi, there will also be Lee Hee Joon who will play Go Moo Chii. He is a detective who since childhood has lost his parents to murder.

Go Moo Chii has the task of investigating a serial murder in a town that will eventually bring together Jung Ba Reum, a police officer. It just so happens that Go Moo Chii also has a grudge against someone who has committed the murder of his parents.

He also thought it was possible that the one who killed his parents was a psychopath he was investigating? Can Goo Moo Chii help Jung Ba Reum catch this psychopath?

Then there’s Park Ju Hyun who will play the role of Bong Yi. He is a schoolgirl who is good at various kinds of martial arts to jiu jitsu. Bong Yi who lives with his grandmother is also the target of the psychopath can Bong Yi protect himself and his grandmother from the cruelty of the psychopath’s crimes?

Kyung So Jin plays Choi Hong Joo, a producer who often wins awards despite her young age. Then there’s Ahn Jae Wook playing a neurosurgeon.

His name is Han Seo Joon who is known for his attitude, speech and genius and Kim Jung Nan will play his wife who is an ordinary housewife. An emotionally connected Kim Jung Nan later on that will help viewers to understand the storyline.

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Korean Drama Mouse
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It’s not just Lee Seung Gi. However, there are also cool players in Mouse dramas such as Park Ju Hyun to Ahn Jae Wook. In fact, the drama was also part of the filmography P.O Block B To Kim Kang Hoon. From the production team called this is the chemistry built by the actors managed to create a tremendous synergy in the Korean drama Mouse.

The lead actor of this Mouse drama is Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi before entering the film world before he was a solo singer with his first single is ‘You’re My Woman’ and that song in 2004.

In his home country he was famous as the prince of ‘prince ballads’, then after success with his first single Lee Seung Gi began releasing subsequent songs such as ‘Love’, Will You Marry Me’, ‘Return’ and ‘And Goodbye’. Then in addition to the success in the world of film Lee Seung Gi also began to penetrate the world of film. For her first acting career began in 2005 in the nonstop series 5 as a cameo.

Lee Seung Gi was born in Do bong gu, January 13, 1987. He has earned many awards for his achievements as an actor. Lee Seung Gi also starred in several popular Korean dramas. For example, such as Briliant legacy in 2009. Also My Girl Friend Is A Nine Tailed Fox in 2010, The king 2 hearts starring him in 2012, and Gu Family Book.

She also played the lead role in the drama in 2013. You’re All Surrounded starred him in 2014, and the last drama he starred in was A Korean Odyssey in 2017.

Lee Seung-gi the Multitalenta

Lee Seung-gi
Lee Seung-gi the Multitalenta

Not enough to be a solo singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi also penetrated into the world of presenters. For the first talk show he appeared was the weekend variety show 1 Nights 2 Days which was from November 2007 to February 2012.

Then, as host of strong heart talk show, the show from 2009 to April 2012 he also took the hearts of the audience. Continuing on to the talk show Sisters Over Flower in 2013, she also had a lot of fans from there.

Before mouse drama, there was still a lot of MC activity that he participated in. For example, being the narrator of Insect Great Instinc. He also often comes on various talk shows.

Examples include Healling Camp and Three Meals a Day in 2014. For 2015 he returned as host of I Am Korea. This famous all-round artist also often receives awards. For example, the first award he got in 2017 was the 2nd Asia Artist Awards.

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Later, he also received the 3rd Asia Artist Awards, 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards, 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards, 2019 Drama Awards and lastly he hosted in 2020 at Home Town Flex and Sing Again.

In 2021, he began playing another Korean drama called Mouse which will air on March 3. For fans of Korean dramas, don’t miss out on starting to record the airing date.

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