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Mu:CON 2020 event organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea will be held virtually. In addition to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the event was also organized by creative content agency (KOCCA).

Under the auspices of two Projects of the Republic of Korea this event is about korean music events. It is expected that the players of the world music industry meet each other. This event is held for free does not require registration fee if you want to watch.

MU:CON 2020 Implementation

MU:CON 2020 Implementation
MU:CON 2020 Implementation

MU:CON 2020 is held precisely from 23 to 26 September 2020 online or virtually. Precisely at 17.00 WIB the event opened with enlivened by 10 K-Pop musicians.

The 10 musicians who enlivened the opening include GFriend, ONF, MoonBin and Sanha ASTRO, Teen Top, Gaho, Dream Catcher, George, Leenaldi, AB6IX, and Moonchi Park. All of the K-Pop groups participated in professional performances. Although implemented online but looks festive and impresses K-Pop lovers.

After the opening ceremony, then the next day more than 70 South Korean musicians participated. By performing songs of different genres makes them have variations at every turn.

The event did not become monotonous and the audience participated in korean music events. It is known that the musicians who performed at the time were the result of curation from the famous music producer Lee Yoon Sang.

MU:CON 2020 Events Packed In Different Forms

MU:CON 2020 Events Packed In Different Forms
MU:CON 2020 Events Packed In Different Forms

On September 24, 2020, mu:CON Online 2020 conference was held with the aim of providing insight into the post-post-election music industry. The show was opened by Jaeson Ma where he was a Co-Founder of 88Rising and Co-Owner of Triller.

Through the opening of the conference with the theme Anticipating the Future of the Global Music Industry in the Post-Pandemic Era. Jaeson Ma explains how the anticipation will be done by music industry players in the aftermath of this pandemic.

Then the next day there was a conference again with the theme of Culture Technology, IP Industry and Untact. On Friday, September 25, 2020, the conference was opened by Sung-Su Lee who is the CEO of SM Entertainment, a label that houses famous boy bands such as Super Junior, TVXQ,and EXO. In addition, the conference was also filled by several social media accounts such as Chartmetric, Twitter, and so on.

On an excellent occasion this is expected to provide new insights into the preparation of new direction of the music industry after the post-pandemic. The event is also expected to have a new meaning of change in the present era by south Korean music industry players.

In the event held by KOCCA, Kim Young Jun as President of KOCCA itself said that the music industry must rise. It’s the same feeling that the music industry is devastated in the current situation, but the preparation of possibilities should also be considered. This is so that the potential of K-Pop music will continue to exist despite having to be in a less supportive situation as it is today.

If you can’t watch online as the show progresses, you can watch it independently on KOCCAMUSIC Youtube Channel. In Chanel Youtubenya gives a look in the form of opening events, showcases and conferences conducted by KOCCA.

Why You Should Watch MU:CON 2020

Pandemic situations that require not to gather and crowd require large events in the form of music events to be held online. Although it has to be done virtually, the event is calculated as a success by still having the essence of the event itself.

Mu:CON 2020 is itself an event in the form of music conferences, showcases, pitching, and networking. This international event is done to keep up with health protocols so that through Online from Youtube Channel. Here are some important reasons why you should watch this music event.

Open Very Effectively

It has been discussed before that the show was opened by 10 cool musicians in South Korea. With 10 musicians opening the show looks professional when viewed via Youtube Channel. Although only through online but the meaning of the concert remains felt in the hearts of K-Pop lovers. This is evident in the live streaming audience who are mute and very active in commenting on the event.

MU:CON 2020 Free of Charge

MU:CON 2020 Free of Charge
MU:CON 2020 Free of Charge

Using an online system certainly saves you money for those of you who want to watch South Korean Kpop stars. For those of you who have a minimal budget simply by watching through youtube channel from KOCCAMUSIC.

From the look of the video they upload will give exposure in the form of conferences, showcases, and music events. You can enjoy this event where and anytime, there is no need to come to Korea and buy tickets that are usually expensive.

Super Kece Design

In addition to featuring 10 cool musicians in South Korea, the event also features 70 South Korean musicians of different genres. They take turns filling the showcase stage until the show is over.

It is known that this showcase stage is the birthplace of International Kpop musicians. In addition to the musical performances on the showcase stage, there are also conferences from different speakers. Through these different themes they made a kind of preparation of the music industry plan going forward after the post-pandemic.

At this event one of the headliners was GFRIEND who participated in the opening of mu:CON 2020 concert. In addition to Youtube Channel, it turns out that this show can also be viewed through other platforms such as Tiktok and VLIVE. It can be assured that this event is very festive.

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