Must Watch! Here are 4 facts about The Law Cafe, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young’s new drakor

Drakor Terbaru The Law Cafe

The Korean drama The Law Cafe is starring Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young. This latest drakor began airing on Monday (5/9/2022) and immediately achieved success because it received high ratings.

The Law Cafe’s premiere episode recorded a national average rating of 7.1 percent, according to Nielsen Korea data. Here are the interesting facts about this latest Korean drama.

Lead Cast Reunion

The first interesting fact comes from the lead actors, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young, who are known as the heroes of romantic comedy dramas. Before starring in this drama, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young were cast in the series Hwayugi, four years ago.

Marking Lee Seung Gi’s Comeback to Drama

Not only a reunion with Se Young, this drama also marks Lee Seung Gi’s comeback in 2022. Previously, Seung Gi last appeared in the drakor Mouse which aired in 2021.

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In his last drama last year, he played the character of a psychopath. While at The Law Cafe, he became a landlord who rented out his building to Se Young.

Playing a High Schooler

The two main characters initially played the characters as high school students. It is said that they were close friends in high school, even Seung Gi secretly liked Se Young.

As an adult, Seung Gi worked as a prosecutor while Se Young became a lawyer. But Seung Gi quit his job because of his father’s corruption scandal.

Like Seung Gi, Se Young also stopped being a lawyer for some reason. They then meet again as a landlord and a tenant.

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The Law Cafe Presents a Unique Concept

This drama presents a unique concept. It tells the story of Kim Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) who has a legal education background and later founded a cafe called “Law Cafe”.

As the name suggests, this kade not only serves coffee, but also offers legal consultation services.

Those are four interesting facts about the latest Korean drama The Law Cafe which can be one of your must-watches while relaxing.

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