Concept of 1990s Era, NCT U Successfully Invites Nostalgic Fans In MV 90’s Love

NCT U MV 90's Love

After NCT’s success on resonance album Pt.1 which was released on October 12, now the boy band that has 23 members is back to continue its project on the next album, Resonance Pt.2 where in this album involves all NCT members.

NCT comeback marked by the release of Music Video (MV) of the song titled 90’s Love by NCT U (11/23/2020). This release is done on SMTown YouTube account at 6 KST or 16.00 WIB. It can be said that the song 90’s Love became the main song on the single Resonance Pt.2.

MV 90's Love

MV 90’s Love

In this latest comeback, NCT comes with a new concept that can be said to invite fans to reminisce especially on the song titled 90’s Love performed by NCT U. Members who participated in MV 90’s Love include WinWin, Mark, Ten, Haechan, Jeno, Yangyang, Dan Sungchan.

In a previous comeback with the title track Make A Wish, NCT showed an energetic look because the song itself is a pop dance genre with an aktraktif hip hop beat.

While in the song 90’s Love has music that can invite fans to reminisce about the instruments of the songs that hit in the ’90s.

This genre of 90’s Love combines Modern Hip Hop and R&B music with ’90s hip hop and R&B.

The music feels fitting when heard due to the combination of percussion and bassline sounds and is enhanced with choreography that partly uses classic 90s dance moves.

In mv 90’s Love, members styled as young people in the ’90s who wear hockey players costumes. The video uses the background of a competition where all seven NCT U members play ice hockey against other teams. In addition to performing in hockey costumes, in this video they also wear clothes that once hit in the ’90s where there are beanie hats, jackets, and trousers.

In addition to the song 90’s Love which became the main song, the album Resonance Pt.2 also released several songs including Work It, Raise The Roof, My Everything, All About You, IOU, Interlude: Present to Future, Outro: Dream Routine with the addition of 8 new songs so that the total number of songs on this album amounted to 21 songs.

The lyrics in the song 90’s Love are about the memories of the good old days that have value over time.

With the release of MV 90’s Love on YouTube, NCT has officially embraced the album project Resonance Pt 2. This also marked shotaro and Sungchan’s debut in NCT where Sotaro himself also participated in the song Make A Wish on the album Resonance Pt.1.

Keep in mind that this Resonance album has been ranked first in sales on various domestic and international song dates. After MV 90’s Love was released to the public, the song immediately ranked first on the South Korean song date.

During the Comeback on November 23, 2020, nct or NCTzen fans joined the fun by creating a hashtag #90sLove on social media.

MV 90's Love

Music Video 90’s Love on SMTOWN YouTube account was watched 19 million times with 1.3 million likes (11/25/2020). This number will certainly continue to grow every day if anyone watches this MV. Especially if watched repeatedly then the number will continue to grow. Even up to now, NCT U 90’s Love Music Video is trending on YouTube at number 2.

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