NCT WayV: Boyband With Infinite Members

NCT WayV: Boyband With Infinite Members

NCT WayV is a boy band that is famous almost all over the world, because it is a young musician with a myriad of talents and visual plenary. They are a boy band under SM Entertainment Korea and China. Lee so-man says that the group has infinite members.

Korea is known as a warehouse country for boy bands and girlbads, heart-touching dramas, and culture. The world of K-Pop is increasingly popular in all countries, because boy bands and girl bands have stunning visuals, cool choreography, and rounded vocals.

WayV Comes From NCT Sub-unit

WayV Comes From NCT Sub-unit
WayV Comes From NCT Sub-unit

NCT is a well-known group in Korea as well as in other countries. The boyband is a different one but still one. NCT (Neo Culture Techonology) is divided into sub-units in various cities around the world. NCT also has a line up that will keep changing at any time it will comeback

NCT units can be divided into four parts, namely, NCT U which debuted in April 2016, NCT 127 which debuted in July 2016, NCT Dream which debuted in August 2016, and lastly WayV which debuted Januaari 2019.

About NCT WayV

NCT WayV or WeiShen V is the fourth unit of NCT. NCT WayV itself is a special boy band located in China (SM Entertainment China). It has seven named members, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Hendery, Kun, and YangYang.

The seven members have their respective positions, namely, Kun as vocalist, Ten as dancer, rapper and vocalist, WinWin as dancer and vocalist, Lucas as rapper, vocalist and dancer, Xiao Jun does not yet have an exact position, but will likely get the position of vocalist, rapper and visual, Hendery does not yet have an exact position, but the possibility of dance leaders, vocalists, rappers and visuals. Yangyang as N/A.

The boy band has two EP albums, The Vision with three tracks, Regular, Come Back and Dream Launch, then Take Off – The 1st Mini Album with the track Take Off, Regular, Come Back, Say It, Let Me Love u, and Dream Launch.

NCT WayV Idol Is Different From Others

NCT WayV Idol Is Different From Others
NCT WayV Idol Is Different From Others

WayV was originally created for a career-focused boy band in China, but was able to reach the world market with the work provided. Nct WayV members themselves were also born from different countries, such as Kun, Xiao Jun, and Winwin from China, then Ten from Thailand, Lucas from Hongkong, Hendery from Macau, and most recently Yangyang from Germany.

NCT WayV released a project titled Rainbow V, in which all members show all their skills, making them get plus values in addition to their handsome faces. Even the Rainbow V logo is designed by its own members, namely Ten.

NCT WayV also always provides fan service that will not be forgotten by all fans. Every member is also always active on social media making WayZenNi happy to see WayV members so active.

WayV Idol Awarded

WayV also has many awards proving that they are one of the best boy bands in the world. Even though it has just debuted in 2019, WayV can win the title of “Social 50 Biboard” after a week of debut.

His songs have also been able to get the highest sales on iTunes. Then, their song titled Take Off from the album Take Off – The 1st Mini Album, managed to get the number one ranking on the Chinese music site, QQ Music.

WayV also obtained the Little Dolphin Love Library certificate as a Love Charity Charity Ambassador. The program is moving to improve and improve the education of children in the care of

WayV Idol Gives Meaning to What It Means to Fight and Have a Family

Dream Plan’s latest variety, WayV members tell us what hard work, togetherness and family really mean. Living in different backgrounds and cultures, being far within reach of parents, then together although there are many differences.

In the variety, WayV wants to tell that all those dreams must be together with determination, effort and intention, hard work, and support from people around us who love us.

NCT WayV Gives Its Greatness

All that debuts at SM Entertainment will always provide unusual and cool choreography. The choreography created in such a way as well as the ability of each member makes everyone who watches amazed.

WayV became the only Chinese-Pop meaning to be successfully tampi at Mnet MAMA 2019 held in Japan. Without the help of a back dancer, everything went smoothly and coolly making the fans shout loud and amazed.

Making a Comeback

Making a Comeback
Making a Comeback

WayV’s comeback news brings pleasure to WayZenNi, because the idol group from SM Entertainment China was not known when it would make its comeback again.

Their comeback this time brought a song titled “Turn Back Time” will also be released music video and digital album. For the release of his physical album had to be postponed because there was a slight problem, namely, the racial issue of accessories in clothes by some of its members.

It was first noticed because one of the fans realized there were accessories that would be able to offend a certain race. Eventually some groups gave their protests through the agency’s official e-mails and also spread the word in a crowd.

However, eventually the issue was resolved with the agency apologizing for incompetence in the process of producing the album. And promised to check the whole thing once it was the smallest.

The album “Awaken The World” brought ten songs and the song ‘Turn Back Time’ became the main track of the album. The song chooses the urban trap genre plus a touch of strong bass sound and beat as if it were racing.

The song ‘Turn Back Time’ is also a mix of hands from several WayV members, namely, Hendrey and YangYang. Then a well-known producer from SM Entertainment also helped in wayV’s first full song.

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