Not Renewing Contract, Lovelyz Girl Group Officially Disbanded

Not Renewing Contract, Lovelyz Girl Group Officially Disbanded

Lovelinus (Lovelyz fans) was shocked by the news of the breakup of girl group Lovelyz. The girl group’s agency Woollim Entertainment has also released an official statement confirming Lovelyz’s disbandment.

Previously, many rumors related to the dissolution of this group had circulated. Moreover, they had not made a comeback for a long time and many questioned its existence. Shortly after the rumors, the agency issued an official statement confirming the group’s disbandment.

All Members Do Not Renew Contracts Except Baby Soul

In an official release, Woollim Entertainment said that the contract period will end on November 16. The 7 members of the girl group chose not to be with Woollim anymore, while one member, Baby Soul, still survived with the agency.

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Thanks to the fans

In its release, Woollim also expressed his gratitude to the fans who always support and look forward to the idol of this group. They hope the fans will continue to support the members even though they are no longer with Lovelyz.

Lovelyz Members Vent Unable to Make Comeback

This girl group itself has rarely acted as an idol. The members only have their own activities, such as song covers or filling TV shows. One of the most active members on screen is Mijoo who will probably be better known as a comedian than as an idol.

Previously, the members also had time to share their hearts because they did not get a comeback from the agency towards the end of their contract. Finally, they released their 7th mini album on September 1, 2020.

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One of the members, Jin even posted on his personal Instagram, writing, “I forgot my job lately. If I only look at Instagram, I’m a food blogger.”

Therefore many fans are worried that the group will disband. But who would have thought those worries actually happened.

Touching Messages From Lovelyz Members

After the official statement, each member also wrote a letter to the fans. They thanked the fans for their support, passion and affection.

In addition to thank you, the members’ handwriting also contained an apology for not being able to give their best and asked the fans to continue to support them.

The Curse of 7 Years of K-Pop

Not only the fans, non-fans are also saddened by this news. But not a few have predicted the dissolution of Lovelyz and are not too surprised even though it remains sad.

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Fans hope that all lovelyz members in the future can be more successful even if they are not together anymore. Many Korean netizens also associate the disbandment of this girl group with the curse of 7 years of K-Pop. In the K-Pop world itself there is a myth of a 7-year curse where after 7 years together in the group, it could be that they will split up for whatever reason.

Some of the groups associated with this curse are KARA, 2NE1, SNSD, SISTAR and others. Even so, there are also groups that managed to break the 7-year curse, such as Super Junior, BTS and EXO.

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