Ellen Page Renames Elliot As Transgender

Ellen Page Renames Elliot As Transgender

Actor Ellen Page is now in the public spotlight. Today (2/12) she announced herself as transgender and changed her name. Ellen is a top actor who often becomes a sosotan. After his appearances in Canadian television shows and films, he was quite active in Hollywood films.

Elliot Page started his career in acting since he was 10 years old in 1997. He was the star of the television series Pit Pony for four years. Until now, Page has been active as an actor, whether he plays in a television series or a movie.

She first starred in a film called Marion Bridge in 2002. However, at that time he was known only in the Canadian film sphere. It wasn’t until 2005 that he became widely known to the public after starring in one of the Hollywood films Hard Candy.

His performance in the film ushered in a career that sped up. Moreover, after successfully appearing as the main character in the comedy-drama Juno in 2007. Through this film she was successfully nominated as Best Actress by several prestigious award events. Page reached the peak of his fame while starring in the X-Men film franchise playing Kitt Pryde.

Ellen Page Decides to Rename

Ellen Page Decides to Rename
Ellen Page Renamed

Previously, in 2018, he was married to a woman named Emma Portner. Two years later, he announced he was asking people to think of him as a ‘man’. In his upload on Twiter Wednesday (2/12/2020) he announced that he has changed his name to Elliot Page.

In addition, all of his biographical sites on the internet have been renamed from Ellen Page to Elliot Page. As well as all her social media accounts, through her tweets, Ellen was grateful to have found her true self. She also wants to try to change the world to better respect transgender people.

“Hello friends. I want to share with you that I am transgender with the pronoun he/they and my name is Elliot, I feel so grateful for the great people who supported me during this journey. I can’t express how great it is to be able to love myself, and pursue who I really am,” she wrote in a post. On the other hand, he also claimed to be worried about getting hatred and violence from those who are counter to the existence of transgender people.

Stay At The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page Stays At The Umbrella Academy
Ellen Page Stays At The Umbrella Academy

Ellen is confirmed to continue playing in The Umbrella Academy series, following her recognition as a trans person. A source told Variety that there are no plans to replace Page who plays Vanya Hargreeves or Number Seven.

Vanya Hargreeves’ character is a cis-female, or female gender according to her condition at birth. Vanya is known as a figure who relies on the release of power through sound.

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However, Variety reported Ellen Page’s name will soon be changed by Netflix to Elliot Page in the series’ credits. Not only on The Umbrella Academy series, but also throughout ellen-related work on the streaming service. His own renaming is scheduled to begin today.

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