Orphan First Kill, Esther’s Return to Terror In The 2nd Sequel

Orphan First Kill

Hollywood horror movie lovers are certainly familiar with the popular horror film entitled Orphan. Production house Paramount Picture revealed ‘Orphan: First Kill’ officially has a digital release date. The prequel to the 2009 horror thriller has been aired in several countries since August 19, 2022. At the beginning of the thriller alone we are presented with a cold-blooded killer, Esther and her crazy and sadistic way of murder.

Even though 13 years have passed, Orphan: First kill still attracts audiences to see the continuation of Esther’s crime stories. ‘Orphan’ focuses on telling the story of 33-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) as she pretends to be a child full of trauma and parental problems.

In the first film, it tells the story of an adult woman who is trapped in the body of a small child due to a medical disorder she suffers from. This makes Esther have to live from one orphanage to another in order to hide her identity. Until one day, Esther was adopted by a wealthy family. Their reason for adopting a child is that they have lost their baby girl.

Esther, who looks sweet and smart, is a concern for prospective families who want to adopt her to be her foster child. After that Esther was taken care of and lived with her new family. As time goes by they discover a strange incident that happened to the family. The first film has the audience guessing what is going on before revealing that Esther is actually an adult. While the existing twist really makes all the sexual scenes seem strange. Until all became more relieved when the adoptive mother played by Vera Farmiga put it all together. Esther turns out to be a sociopath and psychopath who wants to destroy and kill her family. In more detail about the first film, you can see it using the online movie streaming service, Netflix.

Meanwhile, Orphan First Kill (2022) tells the past life of Esther who ran away from an Estonian psychiatric facility and headed to the United States and pretended to be the daughter of a married couple who disappeared four years earlier. At first, Katie (Julia Stiles) and Richard Mauerova (Rossif Sutherland) are relieved to have found their daughter, but their relief soon turns into terror when they begin to witness the dark changes that occur in their beloved child.

Leena Klammer is Esther’s real name, Leena stole Esther’s identity to terrorize the family who adopted her. Leena Klammer is a woman suffering from hypopituitarism, which makes her look like a child. He decides to disguise himself as ‘Esther Coleman’ a lost daughter of the couple Katie Mauerova (Julia Stiles) and Richard Mauerova (Rossif Sutherland). He stole the identity of Esther, the missing daughter of the wealthy family. Problems start to arise when the Mother of Esther’s new family will do anything to protect the people she cares about.

But Richard was sure that it was not his daughter, while Katie disagreed, he believed that his wife had paranoia and hallucinated.

Gradually, starting from one of their families, the dispute that appeared made Esther want to commit the first murder. He did a lot of mysterious, dangerous and life-threatening things to the people beside him. Esther did this because she has a scary personality disorder and does not hesitate to hurt others even though she is still a child. How did Esther’s terror continue?


The character Esther, played by Isabelle Fuhrman, was also cast in the first film Orphan in 2009. In order to explore the role of fuhrman’s children, who are now 25 years old, they have to make a lot of changes to their faces and bodies. The most popular solution that you can guess is the use of de-aging CGI visual effects which are also used in the Indonesian film, Habibie Ainun 3.

The de-aging effect has been used in the success of Hollywood films, such as Captain Marvel and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Scream also tried that effect ability, allowing for the return of Skeet Ulrich as Billy’s ghost. However, Fuhrman is said to be reprising his role without resorting to the effects of CGI de-aging.

He said, “We didn’t use special effects in the production of Orphan First Kill. There’s no crazy makeup trick, and I think that’s what makes this movie work, because you really don’t know how I look like (a 9-year-old), but I know. It was really creepy.”

Instead of using CGI, the film will focus on using old practical effects to create the idea that Isabelle Fuhrman is actually nine years old. These effects are different lighting, camera angles, and editing styles.

But the fact is not only that, in order to explore the role of a child Isabelle also made various other experimental efforts, one of which was using a small wheelchair to make her look shorter than the rest of the cast. Quoted from Newsweek this trick has not been successfully implemented “Then there are so many things of trial and error. We made this little wheelchair for me to get in, but it didn’t work because it didn’t look like I was walking,” he said.

The second experiment was carried out, this time to support their roles as children, Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, and Matthew as players in the film Orphan First Kill also had to wear boots that made them taller.

Orphan: First Kill

The boots that Julia Stiles wore while filming Orphan: First Kill. Instagram.com/isabellefur
“Then we tried on these boots that Julia, Rossif [Sutherland] and Matthew would wear these giant Gene Simmons boots, like the big shoes that all looked silly because where did you get the shoes that high? The shoes had fringe and it was funny,” Isabelle said.

Isabelle also added “Then I’ll squat down as well in the scene I’m going to do with them.” They praised each other for how the totality of each portrayed the character and tried their best to build Esther’s character with totality.

“I remember constantly pinching myself, like, ‘How old was I when I did the first one? How am I their age?!?’ But I feel very lucky to have them there because it’s a constant reminder to be kids.” said Isabelle.

In developing the character of Esther, Isabelle admitted that she looked back a lot at the first film. “It took a lot of revisiting the first film, reading a lot of my notes that I wrote about Esther when I was 10 and really putting myself back in that position,” she said. In addition, she also tries to combine her perspective now and herself when she was 10 years old to find the emotional side of Esther’s character.

The orphan movie, which was lined up to be the best 2022 horror movie, was directed by William Brent Bell and the screenplay was written by David Coggeshall based on the story of David Leslie Johnson-mcGoldrick and Alex Mace (who each wrote the screenplay for their predecessor film) you can watch in your favorite cinema.

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