Overcome Trauma, Here Are Tips from Lee Sung Kyung

Overcome Trauma, Here Are Tips from Lee Sung Kyung

Trauma is the condition of a person who experiences enormous emotional distress and affects the overall emotional state. Various causes can be the trigger. If you’ve ever had a very difficult situation, it’s in your memory to affect you in your attitude, then don’t take it lightly.

It could be traumatizing if it doesn’t receive proper treatment. To find out how to respond appropriately you can continue reading the following article.

Mental Health and Trauma Issues

Mental Health and Trauma
Mental Health and Trauma Issues

In this era of the 21st century, you have begun to find a lot of adequate research on mental health. Attention to mental health has begun to get a large portion.

This is good news for all of us. Because with great care in mental health, people will also be interested and aware of the importance of keeping mentally healthy.

The environment that the majority supports the presence of mental health care will affect the response of its population which will also be relatively the same. This is good news because there will be no more negative stigma to people who raise the topic of mental health because it’s a taboo topic.

Before the 1900s, many people found it strange to talk about topics about mental health, the soul, and everything related to the psychological aspect. Only limited academics and scientists will be concerned about this issue.

This is fair because there has not been much research developed on social, metaphysical, and anything immaterial or invisible. It creates a lack of attention to human psychological problems.

Many are embarrassed to talk about his psychological grievances. Moreover, they will fear the soul in the crazy stamp, and be ostracized in the community. You should be grateful if you live in the present because you already find a lot of discussion space open to this mental health issue.

The Key to Overcome Trauma: ‘Acceptance’

Overcome Trauma
The Key to Overcome Trauma: ‘Acceptance’

Korean artist Lee Sung Kyung, in an interview with the media, also revealed that he had been traumatized. Although on the media screen always looks cheerful, it turns out that things that do not look are not necessarily okay.

Being a movie star on many occasions is not easy without any obstacles. It is shared directly by the beautiful actress that in the past she has been in a position to struggle to cope with her trauma.

Lee Sung Kyung also explained in his interview, that he also has past traumas, both big and small problems. No matter who the person is, what the profession is, this condition can reach at any time. Therefore, if you find similar signs, you don’t have to worry about how to deal with them. This beautiful Korean artist also has tips that you can practice at home.

“Instead of impatient or trying to cover it up with my strength, I thought I could get through it because I took a step back and accepted it and stepped comfortably according to my mind,” explained Lee Sung Kyung. From this explanation, you can take the important point of ‘accepting’ the condition you are experiencing.

By accepting it, you have already taken the bold step of continuing to move forward in the face of any consequences for its healing. It will make it easier for you to recover and recover later.

There are many tips or ways to deal with trauma that you can read on social media pages there. You can try to prove yourself that when it comes to trauma, it will drain a lot of energy for the right treatment process. But you will come to the same conclusion that the first effective step is to accept the condition of the self.

Lee Sung Kyung Explains ‘Making Peace’

Lee Sung Kyung
Lee Sung Kyung Explains About “Making Peace”

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve accepted the current condition, where you’re traumatized, it means you’ve reconciled. A lot of people are struggling to get to this phase.

The time required also varies. Some take only a matter of days, weeks, months, or years. It depends on yourself.

No one is able to change the situation for the better, other than yourself. When making peace becomes difficult, keep in mind the sweet results you’ll get afterwards. What you’ll get when you’re in the accepting phase of yourself is a lot.

First, your heart and mind will feel more comfortable and relieved. It’s like the uneg-uneg is out. Emotions that have been buried have also been channeled. Just how is the next step to make you fully heal. Those of you who have made peace, the sign is ready to step forward, move forward to continue the day even better.

There’s nothing you need to regret while you still have a chance to improve. Having experienced trauma is not something to be regretted like a disgrace. It’s just a part of life like the joy, pride, anger, and disappointment that comes.

Keep moving forward, to become a much better self. The beautiful actress of It’s Okay, That’s Love also conveys what she once felt with the following sentence,

Lee Sung Kyung also set some new targets in 2021. This is because he feels himself much better in the mental aspect. He also plans to interact more and more with his fans.

Relatives’ Support Can Overcome Trauma

The presence of someone who supports you in times of difficulty, will certainly be an injection of positive energy for you. That extra energy can be very beneficial when you’re down. Family is the best place for you to receive an outpouring of genuine affection. Without much hope for rewards, they will be a positive inner circle that can be your passion for undergoing healing therapy. This is also similar to Lee Sun Kyung’s remarks,

Lee Sung Kyung also feels very grateful. Because he has good people around him. And of course he is also very grateful to himself.

Hopefully these tips from this beautiful South Korean artist can be an inspiration for those of you who are currently struggling to recover from trauma.

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