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Krystal - Search 2020

Being a singer as well as being active as an artist, able to make Krystal more recognized her acting talent. The figure he played in each of his plays, successfully stole the limelight. This is because Krystal’s aura is strong and tends to dominate until it is able to animate her role.

He is also known as a cold-faced idol, due to his sharp gaze and rare smile. Nevertheless, Krystal still looks beautiful and always attracts attention. Some of the roles he played were also not missed by the audience

High Kick! 3 (2011-2012)

Krystal in the drama High Kick! 3

The play was krystal’s first to get the attention of her acting talent. In the popular drama at the time, he played Ahn so Jung and had a twin brother named Ahn Jong Suk played by Lee Jong Suk.

In this drama, Krystal and Jong Suk manage to build chemistry as brothers who never get along. She became a chatty girl and famously often uttered the word “stupid” to Jong Suk during their quarrels.

The Heirs (2013)

Krystal in the drama The Heirs

Krystal’s rising popularity in acting was achieved thanks to her role as Lee Bo Na in the drama The Heirs. In this drama, she became a second couple with idol and actor Kang Min Hyuk. Lee Bo Na is a girl who is easily jealous of her boyfriend.

Although not in the lead role, he performed well in the play. He also manages to build strong chemistry with his partner, Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) to make the audience love them very much.

Many fans are desperately hoping they can be reunited in a drama or film project.

My Lovely Girl (2014)

Official Trailer Drama My Lovely Girl

The drama My Lovely Girl became Krystal’s first drama as the lead. In this drama. He plays Yoon Se Na, a younger brother who loses his brother by accident. He had dreams of becoming a well-known writer and producer.

In this drama, he acted with the famous actor, Rain. Rain plays Hyun Wook, a president director, composer, and producer at a well-known entertainment industry company in Korea.

The Bride of Habaek (2017)

Krystal in The Bride of Habaek

In this fantasy drama, Krystal plays Moo Ra, a water goddess who has long lived on earth and worked as an artist. Her haughty, cool figure and the fashion she wears in every scene, is able to bring her aura to life as a water goddess.

Although not as the lead but rather a second couple with Gong Myung, he was praised for the chemistry intertwined between the two.

Prison Playbook (2017-2018)

Krystal in the drama Prison Playbook

Returning to the lead role in the drama Prison Playbook, Krystal was paired with actor Park Hae so. He became a student named Kim Ji Ho. He dated a baseball player, Kim Je Hyeok, who was involved in the case and was sentenced to prison.

Although in the lead role, the drama focuses on the lives of inmates in prison. Ji Ho’s figure is often present as a memory of Kim Je Hyeok while he was in prison. Krystal was also again praised for her increasingly natural acting.

The Player (2018)

Official Trailer Drama The Player

In the drama, Krystal plays Cha Ae Ryung, a member of a gang of criminals and fraudsters and the only one who can drive. Cha Ae Ryung’s character in the drama received a lot of praise, as Krystal was considered a success in bringing the character to life.

The crime-thriller drama is also played by actors Song Seung Hoon, Lee Si Un, Tae Won Seok, and senior actor Kim Won Hae.

Search (2020)

Official Trailer Drama Search 2020

The drama, which will air on October 17, will be Krystal’s comeback drama after two years. In the drama, he plays a soldier named Son Ye Rim who serves on the military border.

In this drama he acted with aktro Jang Dong Yoon and several other supporting actors, namely Yoon Park, Moon Jeong Hee, and Lee Hyun Wook.

Some of the behind-the-scenes photos of the drama featuring Son Ye Rim’s character wearing a military uniform steal a lot of attention. Many have been impatient to wait for this drama and are curious about Krystal’s acting.

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Well that’s her in the iconic role of Krystal in the drama starring her. Certainly, many have been impatient to see Krystal as a member of the military in the latest drama this time. Let’s just look forward, yes.

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