PewDiePie, Youtuber and Reliable Commentator

PewDiePie, Youtuber and Reliable Commentator

YouTube surfers must know the figure of PewDiePie very well. He is a well-known Youtuber and has many subscribers. In addition, this man also works as an idol creator content, and a prominent commentator. His youtube channel is able to grow very rapidly to become number 1, as the channel with the most subscribers in the world.

His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a Swedish man born on October 24, 1989. He is now 30 years old. Arguably there is not a slight gap from his 30 years of not being creative.

The brilliant ideas he stuttered were able to get him to sit in his position now. Of course it is not easy, but through struggle, sacrifice, hope, and prayer can all be realized.

As a celeb in the world of youtube, his life can’t be far from the public spotlight. His gestures must have been of concern to the audience. Good Youtubers will use this situation to continue to inspire viewers, as will this charismatic character.

She has now given up her bachelorette by marrying an Italian woman named Marzia Bisognin since 2019. His wife is also a well-known Youtuber who has a youtube channel with not a few subscribers.

These two lovebirds look very matched when together. Plus, because of the creative spirit attached to both, causing the pair to be more suited to pairing together. So, it’s true that a soul mate won’t be exchanged.

Looking at PewDiePie, what has he been through since the beginning of signing up for YouTube to be as successful as it is now? Surely it’s not a short trip.

PewDiePie’s Early Story In Registering Youtube

PewDiePie's Early Story In Registering Youtube
PewDiePie’s Early Story In Registering Youtube

In achieving success, there are many journeys to face, whether it be obstacles, challenges, threats, or a distraction. However, all of that will not be separated by the result. If the tests of success are able to pass properly, then the achievements that will follow them are also in accordance with what is a dream.

So, don’t rush to give up when you encounter a difficult ordeal. For, rest assured if there will be a beautiful rainbow after the strong storm hit. In fact, the darker the thunder and the heavy rain, the brighter the rainbow will be.

So has this youtuber. His struggle must have been a failure, but he did not despair. That’s what made him as successful as he is now.

He was faced with a difficult problem, namely between the content and his studies. In fact, his parents were so opposed to him that he had to live independently.

At first, PewDiePie wasn’t the name Felix used to sign up for youtube for the first time. At the beginning of his join, the name of his youtube channel was Pewdie. However, in 2010 he re-created a new channel because he forgot his old channel password.

Finally, he decided to use a different name than before, PewDiePie, a unique name. After 3 years, subscribers of the new youtube channel he created have reached 5 million subscribers. In just 3 years, he was able to achieve such an achievement.

PewDiePie Youtube Content

PewDiePie Youtube Content
PewDiePie Youtube Content

This achievement is certainly inseparable from the content that has been uploaded. When the content is good and feels useful, then the viewer will also give feedback in the form of support to the uploader channel by becoming an offender of the channel.

He focuses the content of his uploaded videos in the genre of action and horror. However, it is not uncommon to create a variety of comedic content to entertain netizens, such as LWIAY, PEW News, and meme reviews. Complete already, not only educating but also able to revitalize the mind.

As a commentator, PewDiePie not only criticizes, but gives constructive comments so that the commenters can evaluate and get better in the future. In addition, it also provides appropriate and workable advice.

Until now, he has worked for 10 years. Through interesting and positive works, he was able to get 106 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 23 billion times by netizens of youtube users, so PewDiePie has been awarded the title of Ruby Play Button from youtube. Wow, what an amazing achievement.

He Said Goodbye

Despite all the achievements that have been achieved, there is surprising news coming from this famous Youtuber in 2020.

At the beginning of the year, January 2020, he announced to say goodbye from youtube. That is, it won’t create and upload creative videos for a while. This news certainly galvanized the fans.

After 10 years with netizens on YouTube, he finally decided to quit for a while. PewDiePie explained that she wanted to take a break from the world that raised her name. He also said that this decision is a difficult one. Actually, he doesn’t want to stop to keep making videos.

However, this stop is not permanent. This Youtuber is just resting for a while. In fact, he is now back active by uploading useful content as usual.

Well, for the fans there is no need to be sad anymore because the idol has returned.

Valuable Lessons

Valuable Lessons
Valuable Lessons

Reflecting on Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s journey, there is a very valuable lesson to be learned, which is that everyone has their own talents. All you have to do is pursue those talents and develop them.

Also do not despair when encountering failure, because there is a future waiting. If you give up now, then what about the future?

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