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Boyband SF9 Profile

SF9 Profile – On October 5, 2016, SF9 officially debuted after the previous one, announced on September 25, 2016 by FNC Entertainment. Her first EP was named “Burning Sensation”. His first song was “Roar”. The second ep that has been released is titled “Breaking Sensation”.

The first song from the second album was titled “Easy Love” on April 18, 2017. On October 12, 2012 the band reissued their EP “Knights of the Sun”. In just 4 months, SF9 has made a comeback under the title “O Sole Mio”. Her most recent song at the time was titled “MAMMA MIA”. It can be said that this song became the title track of his fourth EP.

Let’s Take a Peek at The Award Earned by Boy Band SF9

Let's Take a Peek at The Award Earned by Boy Band SF9
Let’s Take a Peek at The Award Earned by Boy Band SF9

Boy band SF9 is the same as TOO,which includes new but can receive several awards. At the GAON chart music awards, the boy band received the rookie of the year award with nominations. MNET Asian music award also awarded in 2016 with nominations.

In 2017, seoul music awards also received many awards including, new artist award, popularity award, bonsang award, and hallyu special award. In 2018 it also received an award with nominations. The awards received include bonsang award, hallyu Special award, and popularity award.

The award with the winning category was also obtained by boy band SF9, namely Best rookie award and rookie of the year in 2017. The category shows an increase in popularity.

Height and Physical Appearance of SF9 Profile

SF9 profile, SF9 Members, SF9

This boy band personnel has members of personnel who each have a physical appearance as most people dream. In addition to its beautiful-looking personnel, it also has a height that is an attraction. That tall body is important to K-Pop Idols.

The average member of personnel is about 182 cm tall. The tallest member of personnel is Rawoon which is 192 cm. Meanwhile, the shortest member of personnel reaches 172 cm namely Chani. It is the height of these personnel that makes trending. In fact, many netizens commented on this. Comment fields are often flooded with positives from netizens.

Boy Band Sensational Feeling 9 under FNC Entertainment. The band originally came from a dance group. That said, this group is the first boy band to come from a dance group.

The MINI album “Feeling Sensation” was released on October 25, 2016. The released music has several genres such as dance pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Some of the hits include enough, now or never, mamamia, o sole mio, and RPM.

SF9 Profile Members

Personnel Members
Personnel Members

There are 9 personnel in this boy band. The nine include:


Inseong’s name is not the real name of one of the boy band members. Actually his real name is Kim In Seong. Another name is James Kim. Born on July 12, 1993. He has a height of 184 cm and a weight of 70 kg. Inseong is originally from Seoul and attended Kyung Hee University. Inseong is quite an expert in English.


His real name is Kim Young Bin. Youngbin was born on November 23, 1993. He is 178 cm tall and weighs 67 kg. Youngbin has a hobby of reading, writing letters, and learning Mandarin. It turns out that this one personnel loves spicy food.


Jaeyoon has his real name, Lee Jae Yoon. Born in Busam, South Korea on August 9, 1994. It has a high body shape that reaches 183 cm, weighing 65 kg. A hobby that is often done is exercising and watching movies. Jaeyoon has skills in music, especially piano playing. Thus, fill the soundtrack of the drama “Click Your Heart” titled “Thank You My Love”.


Dawon’s real name is Lee Sang Hyuk. Dawon was born on July 24, 2995 in Ilsan, South Korea. His height reaches 179 cm. He weighs about 65 cm. Her dream of becoming a singer finally came true as well. During the audition, Dawon sang “I Need a Girl”. In the past, Dawon had lived in Spain for four years.


His real name is Baek Ju Ho with his stage name Zuho. Zuho’s birthday was on July 4, 1996. Zuho has a height of 184 cm. For 6 years, Zuho was a trainee until becoming the first member of the band, SF9.


Rowoon’s real name is Kim Seok Woo. These personnel have the highest posture among others which is up to 190 cm. Uniquely, Rowoon is good at cooking. In addition, Rowoon is also interested in the world of fashion.


Taeyang’s real name is Yoo Tae Yang. This one personnel included a third trainee who joined the boy band. His personality is calm, thoughtful, and always diligent with what he wants.

Hwi Young

Hwi Young’s real name is Kim Young Kyun. Hwi Young has a high fighting spirit personality. Hwi Young is among the youngest members of personnel. His date of birth was May 11, 1999.

Cha Ni – SF9 Profile

Cha Ni has experience in the field of performing arts. The dramas starring him include Can You Hear My Heart, Three Brother, Innocent Man, Signal, and so on. Uniquely, Cha Ni can also play violin and piano music.

Many Indonesians love KPOP or Korean boy bands. Not only the drama, the Korean music world was successful enough to stunn indonesians, one of them boy band SF9.

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