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Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a South Korean band formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2014. The group, which combines performances of songs and choreography, began its career on August 1, 2014.

Her first single was Happiness followed by a second single titled Be Natural. The girl band consists of four female personnel namely Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. Then in 2015 the group added another member named Yeri.

Red Velvet Member Profile

Red Velvet
Each Red Velvet Member Has A Unique Character That Fans Love

Running with five member members, Red Velvet has a list of profiles of each member as follows.

1. Irene Red Velvet

Irene has the real name Bae Joohyun and was born in Daegu, South Korea on March 29, 1991. Before starting her career as a girl band member, she was active in several music videos from S.M. Entertainment artists. Among the music videos included are 1-4-3 (I Love You) by Henry Lau and At Gwanghwamun by Kyuhyun.

Irene also played as a presenter on a music event called Music Bank with a partner named Park Bo-gum from May 1, 2015 to June 2016. Then in August 2016 she began her acting career with a web drama titled The Female Employees of a Game Company. He was cast in the lead role of Ahruem. Not only that, on October 14, 2016 he also hosted an event called Laundry Day.

2. Seulgi

Seulgi has the full name Kang Seulgi and was born on February 10, 1994 in Ansan, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Prior to her career as a girl band member, she briefly appeared in henry lau’s music video Fantastic. Meanwhile, she also sang on the song Butterfly from Fantastic Album.

Then in January 2015 she also starred in the label’s School Oz musical that raised her name now with her role as the lead character named Dorothy. Recorded in June 2016, Seulgi sang a song called Don’t Push Me with Wendy for the drama Uncontrollably Fond. While in March 2017 she returned with Wendy to fill the song I Can Only See You for the drama The Poet Warrior Youth.

3. Wendy Red Velvet

Born Son Seungwan on February 21, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. She has another name in English, Wendy Shon. Wendy’s journey in entertainment began with her activeness to audition until qualifying as a finalist in Koreaboo: Cube Entertainment Global Audition 2011. He was recruited by S.M. Entertainment after successfully performing at the S.M. Global Audition in Canada.

Wendy also filled in for Mimi’s drama Because I Love You on March 14, 2014. In addition, he also collaborated with rapper Yuk Ji-dam on the song Return. The song Let You Know on JTBC drama D-Day was also the result of his successful release.

On March 4, 2016 another song she released was Spring Love which was the result of a collaboration with Eric Nam. After that in July 2016 he again sang a song titled Don’t Push Me with Seulgi.

4. Joy Red Velvet

Joy was born on September 3, 1996 in Seoul, South Korea.

5. Yeri Red Velvet

Yeri, whose real name is Kim Yerim, was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 5, 1999. He was recruited by S.M. Entertainment in 2011 and introduced him as a member of Red Velvet on November 14, 2015.

Red Velvet Singles and Albums

Red Velvet
Various Red Velvet Albums That Won Awards

As for some singles that have been launched by this band, among others as follows.

1. Happiness and Be Natural 2014

In 2014 they released two debut singles titled Happiness and Be Natural.

2. Ice Cream Cake Album 2015

After that the following year, they managed to release an album titled Ice Cream Cake which contained two songs. Among the songs are Automatic and Ice Cream Cake.

3. Dumb Dumb 2015

Still in 2015, they re-released a single for The Red album dumb dumb.

4. Wish Tree 2015

Wish Tree is a single from the album Winter Garden which was also released in 2015.

5. One of These Night 2016

It was a single for the album The Velvet that went public in 2016.

6. Russian Roulette 2016

Russian Roulette became a song that he first performed to the audience in 2016.

7. Rookie, Would You, Red Flavor, Rebirth and Peek a Boo 2017

All five songs became singles he performed in 2017.

8. Bad Boy, Cookie Jar, Power Up and RBB (Really Bad Boy) 2018

It was followed by three songs released in 2018, Bad Boy, Cookie Jar, Power Up and RBB (Really Bad Boy) 2018.

Red Velvet Award

Red Velvet
Red Velvet Won Many Awards

During the career journey Red Velvet won several awards with a total of 47 awards won and 146 nominations. Among its awards are the Seoul Music Award Bonsang Cup, Golden Disk Award Song Division, Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Female Band and many more.

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