Achieve Certified All-Kill in Early 2021, This Is the Fact of Celebrity IU Song

Certified All-Kill in Early 2021, Here's the Fact of Celebrity IU Song

IU released the latest song titled “Celebrity” on January 27, 2021 at 18:00 KST. Less than 24 hours after its release, the song made it to the first stage on several music charts, such as Genie, FLO, Bugs, iChart, Melon and many more.

Therefore, “Celebrity” became the first song to be awarded a certified all-kill title in 2021. Of course, this is an extraordinary achievement for IU.

Previously, the single “Eight” also expressed the predicate certified all-kill. The song performed together with Suga BTS holds the most roof-hits in history on melon platform.

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This latest work, successfully surpassed the previous songs. Behind the unexpected success, here are the facts of “Celebrity” that are not widely known.

“Celebrity” Is a Praliris Song for the 5th Full Album

Celebrity IU

Sound and visual capital alone is not enough for a musician, musicality must also take precedence. Similarly, IU is always totality in giving birth to a work. Almost all of his songs were welcomed by the community. Not surprisingly, it took a long time to prepare the latest full album for maximum results.

As is known, the owner of the real name Lee Ji Eun last released a full album titled “Palette” in 2017. The album received a very good response, apalagai involving several famous South Korean musicians, one of whom was G-Dragon.

Not only that, IU’s full albums have always sold well on the market, such as “Growing Up” (2009), “Last Fantasy” (2011), and “Modern Times” (2013). Until now, the songs on these albums are still widely heard by fans.

Finally, IU returns with a 5th full album in early 2021. Although as a praliris single, “Celebrity” is in great demand by music lovers. Just hours after its release, the song showed remarkable permofa. It even occupies real-time top positions in a number of South Korean music chats.

“Celebrity” Lyrics Inspired by IU’s Close Friends

Celebrity Song Lyrics

The song “Celebrity” implies a story with a very interesting point of view. IU revealed that this work was inspired by one of his best friends who has a unique personality. Has different fashion tastes, but on the one hand he is shy. That’s what it looks like.

Although not explicitly mentioned, many speculate the friend in question is the late Choi Jin Ri or Sulli. Because, the former member of F(X) is known as an idol who wants to break the stereotype of South Korean women in the eyes of society.

However, Sulli’s courage which is very vocal towards women’s empowerment is considered strange. He encouraged people to put comfort first when dressing and be honest with themselves. This is what makes him receive negative comments from the netizens.

“Celebrity” reminded everyone of the late Sulli, but again this was just speculation from listeners. The lyrics of the song were written by IU themselves, then rearsed with Ryan S. Jhun, Jeppe London Bilsby, Lauritz Emil Christiansen, Chloe Latimer, and Celine Svanback.

Through this song, IU wants to convey to the public that someone with this personality is not “born of stars” (a term for someone with strange characteristics), but they are the form of the star itself.

“Celebrity” Music Video Showcases Cinematic and Artistic Concepts

"Celebrity" Music Video

The teaser for the music video for “Celebrity” was released on January 25, 2021 through the Youtube channel 1theK. In the 22-second video, IU looks very beautiful with cinematic and artistic concepts.

Two days later, on January 27, 2021, the “Celebrity” music video came out in full ahead of the full release of the 5th album. As the title shows, in the clip, IU looks like a celebrity who looks sparkly and festive.

Wearing fancy dress, IU was chased by paparazzi. Then, he meets his other figure with a simpler look.

The music video seems to depict a public figure who wants to live freely like a normal person. Because, wherever a celebrity is always a target paparazzi, even to his personal life.

Bringing Music Genres That Have Never Been Tried Before

"Celebrity" UI Music Video

Before “Celebrity” was officially released, EDAM Entertainment revealed that this latest song carries a genre of music that has never been tried before, namely electronic pop. It produces a vibrant and pleasant tone.

To date, the music video released by Youtube channel 1theK has been viewed more than 22 million times and received 1.6 million likes. The number is certain to continue to change. This latest song is easy listening and not boring even though it is played over and over again.

Evidently, IU never fails in trying new things. Because, he is known as the singer of K-Pop ballad songs. In fact, electronic pop on “Celebrity” was perfectly performed.

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