At A Distance Spring Is green is a Must-Watch Korean Drama

Why Drakor At A Distance Spring Is Green Must-See

The Korean drama At A Distance Spring Is Green began airing on Monday (6/14/2021) at 9:30 p.m. South Korean time. The play, adapted from the webtoon, follows the student’s struggle in the face of the bitter reality of the world.

This series is made exactly like what is being experienced by young people who are in college. A number of people from different backgrounds have to fight for the future amid the reality of life that doesn’t fit the shadows. Here’s why this new drama is worth watching.

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At A Distance Spring Is Green Tells The Story of Today’s Student Life

The cast of this new drama is very much describing the situation of today’s students. Yeo Joon is a handsome student and comes from a wealthy family. Having perfection, making her a college idol, but not enough to help her overcome the lack of affection she felt.

Meanwhile, Kim So Bin is an ordinary student who struggles to get the best results in her studies but everything she strives for seems disproportionate to her efforts. Unlike the two characters above, Bae In Hyuk is a simple student. He had to study and work to cover tuition.

The Warm Color of Friendship And Love Story

Yeo Joon, Kim So Bin and Bae In Hyuk’s shortcomings slowly begin to change as they become friends. In the midst of a tough and realistic campus life, there are sweet stories from students who begin to find love and friendship.

At A Distance Spring Is Green Will Make The Audience Thump

Like a Korean drama with a heartwarming story, At a Distance Spring is Green will also make the audience pound because of the unusual story of university life. Unlike the usual campus dramas, this new drakor presents the story behind the world of young adults.

They may look fine, but in fact they have to fight to face reality. Such as the demands of getting good grades, finding a job, connecting, dating, even pursued monthly rent.

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Star-Studded Young And Charismatic Actor

In addition to telling an interesting story, kbs’s new drama is also star-studded from idols as well as young actors. Park Ji Hoon, Bae In Hyuk and Kang Min Ah are known to be the main cast. In addition, Eunbin CLC, Choi Jung Woo and Woo Davi will also color this Korean drama with its unique charm.

At a Distance Spring is Green also stars Na In Woo who recently played Yeo Joon Wan’s older brother river the Moon Rises. In addition, there is also Cha Chung Hwa who plays Professor Song, a professor in the business department who is known to be authoritarian, cold and rational.

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