Why Eugene The Penthouse Has Rejected His Role

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Eugene The Penthouse apparently refused to get the job for some unique reasons for some people. Eugene, who was the first and second lead of The Penthouse, initially turned down the role for several reasons at once.

Who would have thought? During this time the audience saw the spectacle of korean dramas that are very quality. The acting of the cast is not abal-abalan, the vibe of the story can be very felt, and managed to make the audience always can not wait for the next episodes.

The Penthouse season 1 is over, it’s time for The Penthouse season 2 to entertain the audience with all the drama.

Drama The Penthouse

Drama The Penthouse
Drama The Penthouse

Of all the cast who played in the Korean drama The Penthouse, currently only Eugene The Penthouse has declined the role of Oh Yoon-hee. Maybe you didn’t expect it, but Eugene himself is very able to bring this role.

The proof is that not a few viewers are emotionally attached to this Korean drama. Emotional attachment due to the main player, Eugene The Penthouse, who can interpret the figure of Oh Yoon-hee perfectly.

For those of you who do not know, the Korean drama The Penthouse tells the life of apartment residents. Apartment that has 100 floors with a variety of existing residential properties. Some are protagonists and some are antagonistic of course.

In The Penthouse season 1, this Korean drama managed to get the attention of both Korean drama lovers and those who did not. Because of this drama, there can be people who do not like draKor (Korean drama) to be like.

What happened to The penthouse season 2 is the opposite. Eugene Penthouse, who worked on the kind-hearted cast of Oh Yoon-hee in season 1, instead became an antagonist in The Penthouse season 2. He became a hypocrite.

Precisely with the combination of the story of season 1 and season 2, the audience gets interesting entertainment for the audience. The story is not boring and unique, especially Korean dramas are famous as dramas that are to the point or not rambling in presenting the story.

More Players of The Penthouse

More Players of The Penthouse
More Players of The Penthouse

Eugene The Penthouse had the lead role, as Oh Yoon-hee. Other artists and actors who also got roles in the drama The penthouse include Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Um Ki Joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, Bong Tae Gyu, Kim Young-dae, and many more.

Kim So Yeon plays Cheon Seo, while Lee Ji Ah plays Sim-su Ryeon. All of them acted together to provide a very interesting drama for the audience to wait for the continuation.

Why You Can’t Refuse a Job

Why You Can't Refuse a Job
Why You Can’t Refuse a Job

So what reason did Eugene The Penthouse once have for turning down the role? The first reason he had was that he felt the cast of Oh Yoon-hee was not an easy role. It takes practice, experience, and smart in making improvisation to be able to provide the best for the audience.

He judged that Oh Yoon-hee’s character had extreme emotions. Moreover, there is a difference in storyline from season 1 to season 2, where Oh Yoon-hee who used to play a good attitude, turns into a hypocritical evil figure.

There’s another reason Eugene The Penthouse was previously in a vacuum. Vacuum to not play movies or drama at all. With her current condition already has two sons, she had a vacuum from the world of entertainment for 5 years.

He doubts his ability to get this role of Oh Yoon-hee. Eugene’s two reasons at the time were logical. On the other hand, it can be concluded by his fans that Eugene is a figure who does not want to disappoint, both for the producers of korean drama The Penthouse and fans of this drama later.

At the time, Eugene actually confirmed his decision not to play a role in the drama The Penthouse. But the loved ones around him actually supported him to then get the job.

As a result, thanks to the encouragement of those around him, Eugene wanted to play the role and was able to give a very good acting.

Popularity of Korean Drama The Penthouse

Korean drama lovers must agree that this drama is the most interesting drama for now, at least throughout the beginning of 2021. The debut of the second season of the drama The Penthouse only started on February 19, 2021 yesterday.

News emerged that yesterday at the beginning of its debut, Nielsen Korea had calculated that the drama could increase its fans by 16.7 percent from the first season.

That percentage applies when the first episode airs, while for the second episode in season two, the number is increasing. That’s 20 percent, 4 percent higher than the first emotion. Even though it’s only one episode difference, but the fans have a lot of it.

For fans of Korean dramas as well, it must have been able to admit that some of the players in The Penthouse were very able to play their roles. They all also have a track record of having played good plays before.

One of them is Han Ji-hyun who previously played in the drama The Wind Blows two years ago. Another character is Bae Ro-na, played by Kim Hyun-so. He is a South Korean artist who has been an active performer since he was a child, so far there have been 10 plays that he has starred in.

Eugene The Penthouse did once turn down a role in the play. But luckily, the acting he gave in this drama was amazingly good.

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