Debuted, It’s 5 Young Actors Of Korean Drama Who Shine Most This Year

Korea's Most Shining Young Actor of the Year

Since last year, the Korean drama world has been tinged with the presence of talented young actors. Despite their recent debuts, the actors managed to prove their talents in the acting world. Some of them even managed to get the lead role in the drama in a short period of time.

It’s no wonder that these young actors became the most shining actors of his career this year. Who are they?

Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun (18 More)

Lee Do Hyun made his debut in the drama series Prison Playbook (2017). He plays a young Lee Joon Ho (Jung Kyung Ho). His performance in the fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna (2019) successfully stole the audience’s attention. She played Jang Man Wol’s lover (IU) in the past, and was reincarnated as the fireflies that occupied the hotel.

Since then, he has received numerous offers to play plays. One of them is drama 18 Again which is currently airing. His performance in the play also caught the attention of the audience. Lee Do Hyun was recently confirmed to appear in two recent dramas titled Youth of May and Sweet Home which will air next year.

Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook (Extraordinary You)

Not many were aware of this young actor, making his debut in the drama Memories of Alhambra (2018) alongside Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. He was even sheltered in the same agency as his senior, Hyun Bin.

Her performance as Sul Ji Hwan in the drama Search: WWW (2019), attracted the attention of the audience. He rose to fame after playing a bad boy in the drama Extraordinary You (2019). Earlier this year, she co-starred in the drama When the Weather Is Fine alongside Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon.

After two years of debut, he has already earned the lead role in his latest current drama, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Despite having played several roles in the drama, his role as Baek Kyung who is a bad boy is very much in the hearts of fans.

Kim Dong Hee

KIm Dong Hee (Extracurricular)

Kim Dong Hee debuted in 2018 in the web-drama series A Teen. Her figure began to attract attention after starring in the popular drama Sky Castle (2019) and playing twins alongside Jo Byung Kyoo.

In 2019, she is again believed to be starring in the web-drama sequel A Teen 2. This year, he co-starred in two dramas at once, Itaewon Class and Extracurricular. Netflix’s original drama Extracurricular became the most successful drama to date.

He is considered capable of portraying two characters in Oh Ji so, namely as exemplary students in schools who are secretly able to do anything including crimes for money.

Nam Yoon so

Nam Yoon so (Extracurricular)

Despite having debuted since 2014 as a model, Nam Yoon so recently made her acting debut in 2018 with the web-drama series 4 Kind of House. Unbearable, he is believed to be the lead in almost every web-drama he stars in. He also starred in the Netflix original series Extracurricular with Kim Dong Hee.

Chemistry with Bae Suzy in MV’s‘First Love by Epitone Project’ managed to captivate the audience. The two were reunited in a short film from Lancome titled If MY Things Are at Your Place, We’re Not Over. The 12-minute film, which was a success, topped internet search results on the day of its release in Korea.

Currently, she is busy with her latest drama titled Birthcare Center which will air on November 2. More recently, she was also confirmed to star in the drama Freak which airs in 2021.

Lee Jun Young

Lee Jun Young (Class of Lies)

Lee Jun Young debuted as the youngest idol in the boy band U-Kiss. In 2018, he participated in a survival show and won first place and was promoted to unb group member for 1 year.

Nevertheless, he is better known as an actor thanks to his acting in the dramas Avengers Social Club (2017) and Goodbye to Goodbye (2018). Her acting as a psychopathic student in the drama Class of Lies (2019) made her name. The drama Good Casting became his latest drama earlier this year.

Lee Jun Young is also known to be preparing for 3 new dramas that will be airing soon, namely Please Don’t Meet Him, D.P Dpg Day, and also Idol’s Doctor.

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