Drakor Sci-Fi Cool Recommendations, Search: WWW

Drakor Sci-Fi Cool Recommendations, Search: WWW

Search: WWW is a Korean drama that aired on June 5, 2019. The romantic drama series is directed by Jung Ji Hyun. While the screenwriter is Kwon Eun Sol. The series airs on tvN every 21:30 KST. If according to the time in Indonesia around 19.30 WIB. The drama also has another title, Type in Search Word: WWW.

Synopsis Drama Korea Search: WWW

Search: WWW tells the story of Bae Ta Mi played by Im so Jung. He is a director at a large web company called Unicon. The 30-year-old is renowned as a competitive company leader. Thanks to Bae Ta Mi’s ability, Unicon successfully placed first in the online portal with the highest number of visitors and is often accessed.

The web company that became Unicon’s biggest rival was Barro. Barro’s position has always been second only to Unicon. One day, Bae Ta Mi meets Jang Ki Young who plays Park Mo Gun in an Arcade shop. Park Mo Gun is a very talented composer. He worked on creating music for games on this Search: WWW movie.

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After spending the night together, Park Mo Gun falls in love with Bae Ta Mi. But soon Song Ga Kyung who is Bae Ta Mi’s boss made a ulah. Eventually Bae Ta Mi became a victim and he was laid off from Unicon. After Bae Ta Mi is fired, Min Hong Joo shows up and offers him to work for Barro.

Min Hong Joo asks Bae Ta Mi to make Barro a search site that can defeat Unicon. In launching his plan, Min Hong Joo forms a team together with Cha Hyun. However, cha hyun is actually a Barro employee who hates Bae Ta Mi very much.

Korean Drama Cast Search: WWW

Korean Drama Cast Search: WWW
Korean Drama Cast Search: WWW

Some of the cast members in the series Search: WWW are as follows:

Bae Ta Mi played by Lim so Jung

Bae Ta Mi is the owner of a web portal company that is described as a professional figure in work. He was able to handle all the problems that existed in the company. He’s always optimistic he always wins. However, when he was in the middle of his success he had to step down from the company that raised his name.

Cha Hyun Played by Lee Da Hee

Cha Hyun works for Unicon’s rival company Barro. Although he hated Bae Ta Mi, fate eventually made them work together as a team.

Song Ga Kyung played by Jun Hye Jin

Song Ga Kyung is the CEO of the company where Bae Ta Mi is. Song Ga Kyung is said to be a woman who has no children even though her marriage has reached 10 years old.

Park Mo Gun played by Jang Ki Young

Park Mo Gun is a talented composer. He is very skilled in creating music for games.

In addition to the four players, there are also other players. Some of them are Lee Je Wook who plays Seol Ji Hwan. Ji Sung Hyun who plays Oh Jin Woo. Kwon Hae Hyo also plays Min Hong Jo, as well as other famous actors and actresses.

Drama Production Search: WWW

Drama Production Search: WWW
Drama Production Search: WWW

The drama series is part of producer Yoon Ha Rim’s work. The production house is Hwa&Dam Pictures. The director of this drama series is Jung Ji Hyun. Kwon Eun Sol is a person involved in this romantic, drama, and fantasy drama.

The total episodes of the series are 16 episodes. Aired from June 5, 2019 to July 15, 2019. The drama can be watched on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. local time.

Audience Rating Search: WWW

Serial Search: WWW in its last episode that aired on July 25, 2019, was successfully received high ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode of the series received the highest rating when it was compared to previous episodes. The Korean drama series achieved an average rating of 4.2% and 5.2% nationally.

Because this drama aired on paid tvN, the rating was quite satisfactory. This means that the drama series Search: WWW is able to compete with other drama series that air on national television stations.

The favorite Korean drama series also received the highest ratings with a demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49. The series achieved an average rating of 3.1% and 3.8%. This makes the series the highest rating among series that also air in the same time slot. The audience also claimed to be very satisfied with the ending of the story they presented.

Interesting Info Korean Drama Search: WWW

Interesting Facts about Korean Drama Search: WWW
Interesting Facts about Korean Drama Search: WWW

The first interesting thing is that the series has the theme of noona romance that successfully made the audience baper. The 10-year-old love story of Bae Ta Mi from Park Mo Hun is guaranteed to make you resent. However, even though Bae Ta Mi is older, his face is still cute and youthful. They both look very good together.

The second interesting fact is that this series is Jang Ki Yong’s second drama. Jang Ki Yong previously starred in the drama Kill It. But in this series he plays a very different character than before. Park Mo Gun is a cheerful person and has an alluring smile.

Thus the discussion about one of the Korean drama series that is highly recommended for you to watch.

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