Refusing to grow old, these 8 Hollywood actresses still look young despite being half a century old

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But unlike these celebrities, they prove that age doesn’t always come with facial aging. At over 50 years old, they still look young. In fact, many people don’t even realize their true age

Appearance is an important thing that every public figure should pay attention to, including Hollywood artists. Aside from maintaining their existence, looking perfect is also an added value for a celebrity.

But unlike these celebrities, they prove that age doesn’t always come with facial aging. At over 50 years old, they still look young. Many people don’t even realize their true age.

Getting older and growing old is inevitable. Naturally, as one ages, one’s face also ages. However, some people still look young despite their age. They seem to reject old age. Even though they are already half a century old. A youthful face is usually influenced by many factors ranging from a healthy lifestyle, good stress management, to genetics.

Who are they? Let’s take a look

Hollywood Artists Who Stay Young

1. Julia Roberts

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

From time to time, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts’ face even looks the same. Even though his age continues to grow. With a style like a teenager, she looks even more youthful despite being 54 years old. Check out Julia’s style! She looks like she’s still in her thirties, doesn’t she?

2. Paul Rudd

Discussing Hollywood artists who always look young, I’m sure some of you will immediately think of Paul Rudd. The actor who plays Antman is actually 50 years old on April 6. Even though he has entered the age of half a century, Paul’s appearance still looks young, even still suitable to play a man in his late 30s, yes!

3. Andy Samberg

Known for his hilarious performances on Saturday Night Live and the Broklyn Nine-Nine series, Andy Samberg’s name also deserves to be included as a Hollywood artist who still looks young. The man born in 1978 often plays characters who are much younger than his real age, which is already entering his fourth head.

Even reported by Ladbible, when he had the opportunity to appear as a host at the 2019 Emmy Awards with Sandra Oh, many netizens did not realize that Andy was already 40 years old.

4. Justin Hartley

In the series This is Us, you may recognize Hollywood artist Justin Hartley as a man in his 30s. But who would have thought, the man who has been in the entertainment world since 2005, has entered his 40s or to be precise 42 years old.

Through people.com, Justin mentioned that he really maintains his body fitness by adjusting his diet and regularly doing sports such as boxing to lifting weights. If the body is fit, the appearance of the facial skin will indirectly become fresher and always youthful.

5. Keanu Reeves

Hollywood Artist Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

The handsome Hollywood artist whose name became phenomenal through the movie The Matrix tops the list of the world’s most ageless celebrities. Let’s face it, since his first foray into Hollywood acting in the 1980s until now, there has been no significant change in the face of this handsome actor with the Virgo sign.

Coupled with rumors of time travelers and the reincarnation of a 15th-century character who looks a lot like him, plus his cold facial features with very light skin, it’s no wonder that Keanu Reeves is called a vampire-like celebrity.

6. Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise’s father is next on the list of vampire-like Hollywood celebrities who often wow fans with their action movie stunts, and of course, their seemingly timeless good looks.

Just imagine, there has never been a significant difference in Tom Cruise’s face from when he starred in Endless Love in 1981 to when he starred in the Mission Impossible series of movies.

7. Jared Leto

The actor, who is best known for playing the Joker in Suicide Squad, started his career in the 90s. Some of his notable movies are Girl Interrupted, Fight Club and Requiem For a Dream.

If you pay attention, there is no major change in the appearance and face of Hollywood artist Jared Leto from time to time until now he is 48 years old. No wonder, this handsome actor is included in the ranks of vampire celebrities who are ageless and always look young.

8. Beyonce

Hollywood Artist Beyonce

The pop diva who is often called Queen Bey began her career as a singer in the 90s with the vocal trio Destiny’s Child. Until now, at the age of almost four heads, Beyonce shows no signs of aging, aka remaining the same as the beginning of her appearance 20 years ago.

The wife of rapper Jay-Z has a very healthy lifestyle, such as exercising and eating healthy. No wonder her body remains sexy to this day. But aside from that, her youthful looks have drawn a lot of admiration from her fans, as well as questions about, “is Beyonce a vampire?”

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9. Tobey Maguire

The first Spiderman is now 45 years old. However, at the age of almost five, Tobey still looks the same as when he played Spiderman a dozen years ago. No wonder, this makes his fans dub Tobey as a vampire celebrity because he is very young!

10. Gwen Stefani

Of the music artists, Gwen Stefani is one of the Hollywood artists who is often mistaken for a vampire. The reason is, the vocalist of No Doubt does look and his face never looks old. Supported by her choice of clothes that are always sporty, fashionable and youthful, Gwen Stefani seems to still be a girl in her 20s at the age of five.

So that’s the lineup of Hollywood artists whose appearance is very ageless even though they have entered the age of half a century. What else do you know?

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