February Release, Irene Red Velvet Is on a Double Patty

February Release, Shin Seung Ho and Irene Red Velvet Duet in Double Patty Movie

Reportedly, mid-February 2021 became a special day for K-Pop lovers because of the long-awaited Double Patty Movie release. Especially that day will feel very special for these two artists, Irene Red Velved and Shin Seung Ho.

The two of them will be together to star in the film as well as sing the ost of the film. This debut duet made them both more harmonious in their acting. A variety of dramatic acting will be enjoyed in the duration of more than an hour. Make sure you prepare some snacks as a fun watching buddy.

Two Songs OST Movie Double Patty

Double Patty Movie Trailer That Has Cool OST

Irene will sing a song called White Night in the new movie. The song will go with a waltz feel. That way, the tone will sound very beautiful exactly the local luxuries that are characteristic of European culture.

The song reveals a ‘taste’ that can’t be lost. Constantly thinking of someone special. Complete with a story of insomnia syndrome because it endures longing.

The song Irene sings matches the character she plays in the film. When listening, you will also feel the sensation of longing that makes the chest tight. The 2020 release complements the plot of this Double Patty movie.

The second hit was Night Sky by Shin Seung Ho. This dance or electronic song was released in 2019. With the lyrics he sings, it implies a message that he hopes there will be someone special willing to be his night sky.

A beautiful figure that she can always look at with a soft smile on the lips. In addition, the hope that radiates from the face of his idol makes him excited in living his daily life. That’s how the lyrics of this song become OST Film which will be aired in theaters on February 17.

Double Patty was directed by Baek Seung Hwan, a former Crucible actor (2011) and South Bound (2013). By starting his career as an actor, he studied the world of film and absorbed a lot of knowledge there.

Right at the beginning of 2021, he released the film as his best product that will air next February. You can keep track of the news to stay informed.

Double Patty Movie Synopsis

Double Patty Movie Synopsis
Double Patty Movie Synopsis

The film Double Patty tells the story of a journey to achieve goals. Played by two best Korean actors, Irene from Red Velvet with Oppa Shin Seung Ho. Irene stars as Lee Hyun Ji.

He is said to be working as a newsreader who works with sincerity. Spends his time working hard to make ends meet. In addition to that job, she is also a babysitter during the day, and works part-time in restaurants at night. He spends his days productively making money independently.

Shin Seung Ho plays Kang Woo Ram. He is a wrestling star in Korea whose life has been going on until he has to reach his lowest point. In the middle of the storyline, there is a part where one time they are reunited in the café where Irene works. That is where their story will be reviewed to the end. They’re getting along well and making a promise.

In general, the genre of the film is in the category of drama and life. You can take lessons from the story of the character’s struggle in reaching the mind, accompanied by the seasoning of an interesting story in it.

Best Actor Duo

drama actor Double Patty
Best Actor Duo

As told on social media, that the role performed by this actor duo is really slick. This is also because they both received training to support the mastery of the character they played. Irene gets training from Lee Ji In a professional newsreader.

So that in Double Patty Irene can do her acting job well. In addition to acting, there are rumors that he has indeed undergone a number of professions that support the characterization in the film. He has worked as a TV host and singer. So no wonder in the film, it already looks good.

Meanwhile, Shin Seung Ho also received support to practice ssireum (Korean wrestling). In addition, in the previous film, Moment of 18 and Love Alarm also contributed new skills because he learned a lot from it. It’s no surprise that his acting is praised by the netizens. Because he has the title ‘Prince of Drama’ because he always appears dazzling in various films starring him.

Fan Feedback

Fan Feedback
Fan Feedback

Previously, many media reports carried Irene’s personal problems. No doubt when netizens learned that the release of the film by the beautiful woman became the lips of the community. Because the news that previously received acceptance by netizens is Irene’s disrespectful behavior.

Whether this will affect the delayed release of this film somehow, we do not yet know for sure. The film manager insists that in the world of entertainment, warm actors in society are like a dairy tool for the industry.

So, he doesn’t want to comment much on his actor’s personal life any further. The world of work does sometimes look so professional. Commensurate profit from the relevant parties, it is enough to pay for the rumors circulating.

Despite the many rumors in cyberspace, the film made by the former best actor will always be a waiting list by lovers of Korean dramas. You can prepare to see this movie on your favorite apps or channels. Make sure you have to go to the movies, you still adhere to health protocols for the sake of shared health.

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