RESONANCE NCT Can Rank 39th on Billboard 200

NCT Resonance Album Gets 39th Place on Billboard 200

For fans and die-hard fans of NCTgroup, and know nct RESONANCE album that is being hit, it seems worth to be proud of yourself. Because their idol was rumored to get a Billboard award.

A while ago through many mass media in Korea, the band with 23 members was rumored that the album for their comeback received a positive response. Even among them get famous awards such as Billboard and other awards.

As we know, to get a record entry can be a Billboard nomination right now is very difficult, considering that in the middle of 2020, Billboard changed their way to find out about the popularity of the song.

NCT With 23 Members As Big Boy Band

For those of you who don’t know much about the boy band that released this NCT RESONANCE album, they are a group of 23 handsome men. They work under SM Entertainment. For his fans who are known to name them NCTzen.

NCT itself has been prepared by SM Entertainment since 2013. At that time the founders of BC wanted a different concept from the band they had been educated in. According to him, he wanted to create a concept with the theme of a vocal group that has unlimited members with different advantages. Then with that, he combined all those differences into one.

Then when 2016 precisely on April 04, BC announced that they finally created a new group. And it was on that date that NCT’s debut began. The new group of 6 people named themselves NCT U or meaning NCT United

Militant Fans Up to NCT RESONANCE Album

Militant Fans Up to NCT RESONANCE Album

As we know, every band is either male or female. They will always have followers or commonly called fans. These fans will name them as a family who will be tasked with supporting each other in idolizing their fans.

This also applies to this group band. Since their debut in 2016. The fans are already very enthusiastic about the name that will be given to them.

Exactly a year after their debut. At the time of their live broadcast, all the band’s personnel said that they had decided on a proper name for their beloved fans.

They admitted that they were confused by what name was suitable for NCT fans. Because this is the most stressful activity for them. They did not expect many people to look forward to their next work.

That’s June 12th in 2017. They inaugurated the name of their fandom fans is NCTzen. Which is a combination of NCT and Netizen. Until the album RESONANCE NCT, they were very supportive of the boy band’s career movement.

Billboard 200 and Nct Resonance Album Awards

Billboard 200 and Nct Resonance Album Awards
Billboard 200 and Nct Resonance Album Awards

The term Billboard itself is no stranger to fans or Kpop idols. The Billboard 200 itself is a chart record that shows the popularity ratings of an album of songs in the U.S. market.

Their research is based on a popular album in one week. If in one week the album is still popular and still often listened to by many people, then the album RESONANCE NCT will be included in the Billboard 200 list.

But in October 2020, Billboard changed their system to be more difficult, complicated and selective. Album sales are no longer a staple to gauge whether the album is really popular, but will also be judged from various aspects. As in an online music player application for example, popular video sites and in google searches. This made some fans a little disappointed, but not a few who ended up getting excited to support their idol.

Fans will provide support such as starting to stream NCT songs on certain platforms. They will also enliven some hashtags on one of the social media to tell all fans to support nct album nominated.



The album actually started production in September 2020. At that time, finally all NCT members were involved in the making and eventually merged into NCT 2020.

A video that came out to tell the teaser was titled interlude: Resonance which will be released as of September 20. The day after the notice, they said about the title of the album which will start pre-order sales starting from September 21, 2020. The album will be called Resonance.

In addition, on this album all units and members will participate. So in one song making on this album will involve as many as 23 people.

Billboard’s Thrilling Announcement

The band of 23 handsome men has successfully sold their album titled RESONANCE PT 1 for 2.68 copies. It is these sales that make them double million sellers. Because this kind of sales is a fantastic number that not every band can do.

On the album, there is a list of songs titled Make A Wish. That turned out not to be missed in the award as a popular song in 2020. Not only that, the award was included in a British magazine that named this award as 2020 Best 40 KPOP Song. Not only Make A Wish, there are 2 of them such as DAZED and the song From Home which is also included in the award list.

While in the Billboard 200 announcement, their album reached number 39. This is an achievement to be proud of. And in fact the album also became the best-selling album that managed to stay on the Billboard list for approximately 4 weeks in the 6th place.

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