The Return of Actor Lee Jong Suk After Military Service

The Return of Actor Lee Jong Suk After Military Service

There was a big surprise for fans of korean drama from the long-missed famous actor, Lee Jong Suk. This news is eagerly awaited by many fans.

Because this news is about the end of Lee Jong Suk’s conscription period. This news officially circulated on all social media korea. Reportedly on January 2, 2021.

The news didn’t make the fans happy. They filled the social media trending with delight because the actors they liked were back from the past.

Lee Jong Suk Ready to Play Drama Again

Lee Jong Suk Ready to Play Drama Again
Lee Jong Suk Ready to Play Drama Again

The man in his 30s is a well-known South Korean actor and model. He made his debut on September 14, 1989 and made his debut at the age of 16 in 2005. He debuted with a short film called Sympathy.

After that she became a model for one of the Fashion events called Seoul Collection in the same year. Not many people know but this handsome man who once played in one of doctor stranger dramas is one of yg entertainment artists who later created his own agency called A-Man.

From Korean mass media sources. He decided to leave in 2018, then with YNK Entertainment he decided to create his own agency. From here he started his career as a new person and artist in the world of Entertainment

A Thriving Entertainment Career

In 2012, Lee Jong Suk was the ambassador of an event called Global Aviation in Ansan where he underwent a three-month pilot training. It was from here that he learned a lot about flying planes. However, there is another point why he had joined the show, namely the desire to further explore a character who works as a pilot.

Lee Jongsuk added that he wanted to cultivate high respect for aviation so that he would become an actor with new skills.

Not only that, the man who is now 31 years old has also played a drama series called While You Were Sleeping. In 2017. At that time the drama he played became a very famous Korean drama series.

On that occasion Lee Jong Suk played someone who was good at singing, and it was known from there he had a pretty melodious voice. So he can sing two songs at once entitled Come To Me and another song called Would You Know.

Many people aspire to make this artist as a lover, because not only good at acting and famous for having a high willingness to work. This artist with a handsome face is also known as one of the artists who likes to do charity work.

So he always gave charity, the people around him called him donation fairy. Even one of the international aid and development organizations called Good Neighbors has given information about Lee Jong Suk who has donated 100 million won or if it is made rupiah worth 1.1 billion rupiah. This large donation is used to support families and children who have crisis situations.

Lee Jong Suk Drama Always a Mainstay

Lee Jong Suk's Drama Is Always a Mainstay
Lee Jong Suk’s Drama Is Always a Mainstay

Almost all dramas that Lee Jong Suk ever starred in always get the highest ratings. After he made his debut playing the drama in 2005, numerous bids came in asking him to be one of the actors in the play. And since then, his name has soared.

Some of the dramas he has starred in are Korean dramas titled W Two Worlds. Here he plays Kang Chul Lee. In this story he plays a man from the Webtoon world who later falls in love with a human girl who lives in the real world.

The most interesting Korean drama he has ever played is Pinocchio which aired in 2014. Here he plays a man named Choi Dal Po. A man of extraordinary intelligence. Here she lives with the family of Choi In Ha, played by actor Park Shin Hye, who then makes the two fall in love.

The next drama that has exploded both in Korea and other countries is the drama titled Doctor Stranger. Lee Jong Suk really amazes his fans. Because he plays Park Hoon.

A great doctor from South Korea. In this drama, Lee Jong Suk is very deep in character, fans are amazed even when he stars opposite Jin Se Yun who plays Song Jae Hee who is Park Hoon’s lover.

Completing Conscription Well

Completing Conscription Well
Completing Conscription Well

For fans of all kinds of Korean culture. The term Military Service is no longer familiar to fans. Because some of the artists they idolize will definitely undergo conscription. There is no exception for this handsome artist, Lee Jong Suk.

The first news that this handsome man will undergo his conscription says that starting in early March 2019 Lee Jong Suk will begin his conscription. This makes his fans sad, but not a few encourage him.

But earlier this year, news that Lee Jong Suk had finished his military service had filled the Korean news. This was made stronger by a photo of Lee Jong Suk’s post on one of his social media posts saying that he had returned.

Fans flocked to the post and congratulated him. Of course, many will be waiting for the drama of what else this charming parased man will play in the future.

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