Coldplay-BTS Collaboration Review, Chris Martin Says BTS Is More Experienced About Music

Coldplay-BTS Collaboration Review, Chris Martin Says BTS Is More Experienced About Music

British rock band Coldplay shared their views on how to music Kpop boy group BTS,who are his collaboration partners on the song “My Universe”. Not long ago, Chris Martin, Coldplay vocalist and drummer Will Campion appeared as guest stars on the 100th episode of the German talk show “Late Night Berlin”.

During the talk, the Coldplay members talked about their collaboration with BTS. Martin seemed very excited to tell his impression of the collaboration. “My Universe” is a song included in Coldplay’s latest album titled Music of the Speheres, which was released on Friday (10/15/2021). This is the 9th album for the band “Fix You”.

“We really love them, and we’re playing the song everywhere right now, and it’s so much fun,” Chris Martin said.

Martin also shared a story about his struggle to learn some Korean words. That way, he can shie when his band can’t perform with BTS.

“Oh, he’s learned. It really works,” Champion said.

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Martin also commented on his collaboration which at first may feel ‘strange’ to some people. He felt he was getting the perfect result, especially for the song’s message. The host discussed Coldplay’s experience in the music world. He compared it to the Kpop group that was said not too long in the music industry.

Coldplay has been in the music industry for about 25 years. Bts is only 8 years old, not including when they were trainees. Even so, according to Champion, BTS is full of prestige in the course of his career as an idol group.

“They’ve made almost more albums than we have. Yes, you know they are very experienced,” the drummer said.

Chris Martin added, BTS already has more than 8 albums, meaning that for 8 years BTS has been working non-stop.

“They work hard,” Martin said.

Martin previously revealed their collaboration idea didn’t come from either group. Except for Simo Pegg’s daughter Tilly. According to Martin, Tilly is a Kpop fan and he mentioned Tilly had introduced him to the star in Kpop music to him.

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