Meet a Promise to a Friend, Vin Diesel Accompanies Meadow Walker on His Wedding Day

Meet a Promise to a Friend, Vin Diesel Accompanies Meadow Walker on His Wedding Day

Meadow Walker’s relationship with her father’s co-workers in ‘Fast and Furious’ is known to be quite close. Vin Diesel was his godfather. And on his happy day, Vin became someone who led him to the wedding.

Vin’s relationship with the late Paul Walker is not just a friend. More than that, they are a family that is united in a movie. Even when Paul died in an accident, Vin Diesel promised to accompany and take care of his best friend’s children.

That promise he fulfilled, even he who delivered Meadow, paul walker’s daughter to the wedding to be edited by Louis Thornton-Allan.

In the video footage of the wedding Meadow can be seen being held by Vin as he walks over the altar towards the wedding. Meadow Walker looked beautiful in a white wedding dress that featured her shoulders and back.

“We are married,” he wrote.

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Vin was also seen attending the event with his family and daughter. In addition, there is also another Fast and Furious player, Jordana Brewster. The woman, who plays paul walker’s lover, was seen congratulating Meadow.

According to Vogue, meadow walker was held in the Dominican Republic in a luxurious and intimate manner due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the groom’s family was unable to attend due to the problem.

“Pandemics ruined our plans, Louis’ family couldn’t come. Many friends who we have considered as family also can not come because of strict rules on travel, “said Meadow.

Three months earlier Meadow and Louis had been engaged. The 22-year-old showed off the ring on her ring finger to her 2.7 million followers on instagram. It was previously rumored that Meadow would appear in Fast 10. This was due to his appearance at the F9 gala premiere in Los Angeles. But there has been no definitive confirmation of the news. Although in F9, Vin Diesel invited his son Vincent Sinclair to join the film.

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