Psychopath’s Role In Successful Korean Drama Admired By Audience

Psychopathic role of Korean Drama actor Kim Jae Wook

Often we find in every drama, the protagonists who become the love of the audience. However, in contrast to the role of these antagonists, which received attention from fans of Korean dramas.

Korean drama actors’ acting as this ruthless and sadistic piskopat character, is also supported by visuals that are no less dazzling and always fail to focus. Some of the roles include:

Park Bo Gum (Hello Monster)

Footage of Park Bo Gum as Jung Sun Ho in the drama Hello Monster

Having starred in Love In The Moonlight, Reply 1988, and Encounter,many would not have thought that Park Bo Gum had played the antagonist as a serial killer in the drama Hello Monster.

The drama, which aired in 2015, was also the beginning of his fame. His mysterious and cool-looking role is able to attract the attention of the audience. Not only that, his chemistry with Seo In Guk, as his older brother in the play, also earned the audience praise.

In the drama, Park Bo Gum plays Jung Sun Ho, the younger brother of Lee Hyun who is kidnapped and raised by a serial killer. He had a grudge against his brother, for leaving him alone. Jung Sun Ho became a lawyer and grew up with a misunderstanding between him and his brother.

Nam Goong Min (Sensory Couple & Remember)

Footage of Nam Goong Min as Kwon Jae Hee in sensory couple drama

Become a famous chef and be handsome and friendly to anyone, able to cover the original nature and bad side of Kwon Jae Hee. No one suspected that he was a serial killer wanted by detectives.

Nam Goong Min’s stunningly natural acting in the drama Sensory Couple received much praise from the audience. He also received an award as a Special Korean drama Actor at the SBS Drama Award 2015. A year later, he reprised his role as a psychopath in the drama Remember.

In the drama Remember, he plays a ruthless young CEO and a murderer. He will do anything to achieve his goals.

Kim Jae Wook (Voice 1)

Footage of Kim Jae Wook as Mo Tae Goo in Voice drama

Drama Voice 1 became a highly rated drama thanks to the storyline and acting of the cast. In the drama, Kim Jae Wook plays the heir to a company owned by his father and a psychopath in a serial killer.

Instead of hating Mo Tae Goo’s sadistic character in the play, the audience was instead amazed and praised Kim Jae Wook’s very natural acting.

Yang Se Jong (Duel)

Footage of Yang Se Jong as Lee Sung Hoon in dueling drama

In the drama, Yang Se Jong plays Lee Sung Joon who has a clone named Lee Sung Hoon. Unlike Lee Sung Joon, Sung Hoon is a ruthless man who is able to do anything to get what he wants.

He was even able to distort the facts and make all his evil deeds the deeds of Sung Joon.

Lee Dong Wook (Stranger From Hell)

Footage of Lee Dong Wook as Seo Moon Zo in stranger from hell

Playing a friendly and gentle dentist, no one expects that Seo Moon Zo (Lee Dong Wook) is the chairman of a group of psychopaths living in a cheap and gloomy boarding house. His menacing cold gaze and mysterious smile can make him look like a real psychopath.

In this drama Lee Dong Wook’s role as a psychopath, is able to make the audience afraid and creep in every scene involving him.

Kwon Yool (Voice 2)

Footage of Kwon Yool as Bang Je so in voice 2 drama

Known as a police officer, with his calm and authoritative carrying, in fact Bang Je so (Kwon Yool) is a psychopath and serial killer.

He’s going to kill anyone who’s bothered and make him unhappy. Kwon Yool’s sharp gaze and sweet but scary smile in the play were also praised by the audience.

Well, he played psychopathic roles played by actors and successfully reaped the praise and attention of the audience. Among the above roles, which one is your favorite?

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