Famous South Korean Artists turns out to be free from military service

wamil or Conscription

As a form of state defense and nationalism, South Korea declared a military service for approximately 2 years. This obligation is intended for all citizens, especially men, including celebrities.

However, the government has waivers for people who are in certain conditions, so it cannot follow the wamil. Like the following line-up of artists, they were relieved of state duties.

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin freed from military service
Kim Woo Bin

In 2017, word circulated that Kim Woo Bin had nasopharyngeal cancer. This condition makes Shin Min Ah’s lover choose a temporary vacuum from the entertainment world. Shortly after undergoing chemotherapy, she underwent a physical examination to determine her qualifications for the wamil.

The results show that Woo Bin doesn’t have to follow state duties. Especially at that time, he was still in the process of healing. The owner, real name Kim Hyung Joon, began to appear in public after attending the 2019 Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony, with a fitter physical state.

Woo Bin himself is a model and actor who debuted in 2009. Popular since playing the antagonist in the dramas School 2013 (2012) and The Heirs (2013).

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Having good stature and handsome stature, Woo Bin is often involved in fashion shows, such as Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2013: Kim Seo Ryeong Homme, Lie Sang Bong, Porsche, Louis Quatorze Show, Loewe, and many more.

Eun Ji Won Sechskies

Eun Ji Won Sechskies wamil-free
Sechskies – Eun Ji Won

Eun Ji Won is a member of boy group Sechskies who is included in one of the line-up of artists freed from state duties. In fact, this idol is known to have an IQ of up to 160. He did not have a degree of education under the qualifications.

In junior high school, his family moved to Hawaii and Ji Won continued his education there. However, the school he attended was not on the list recognized by South Korea. According to the government, the 42-year-old man is thought to be only an elementary school graduate.

In addition to his career in music, Ji Won is also known as a reliable host and composer. He often appeared in various variety shows, such as New Journey to the West Season 3 & 4 (2017), Kang’s Kitchen (2017), Unexpected Q (2018), and many more.

Jo Jung Suk

free of wamil or conscriptionJo Jung Suk
Jo Jung Suk

The actor, who returned to popularity after starring in Hospital Playlist (2020), turned out to be an only child. In 2000, his father died and he replaced the role of head of the household.

According to some sources, Jung Suk was willing to go to school to work to support her mother. This economic condition is what makes him free from the wamil.

Despite going through a difficult time as a young man, he is now enjoying success as a rising actor. Jung Suk began his career as a theater player, appearing in several popular musicals.

He starred in television series, such as The King 2 Heart (2012), Oh My Ghostess (2015), Two Cops (2017), Nokdu Flower (2019), and many more.

Jung Suk also played on the big screen, including Architecture 101 (2012), The Fatal Enchounter (2014), My Annoying Brother (2016), Hit and Run Squad (2019), and Exit (2019).

Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic
Simon Dominic

Hip hop singer who is currently under the auspices of AOMG, Simon Dominic is free from the wamil because the retina of the left eye is damaged. The condition left Simon Dominic visually impaired.

This was done through a song called “Not the Same Person You Used to Know”. In the song lies a lyric that means “I’m a fool who lost his retina so that he was freed from the wamil”.

Previously, Simon Dominic used the stage name K-Outa, at which time he carried the genre of underground hip hop music. In 2009, he and rapper E SENS formed a duo known as the Supreme Team.

The duo is quite popular, several prestigious awards were successfully won, such as Mnet Musik Awards 2009: Best New Male Group and Golden Disk Awards 2010: Hip Hop Award.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Team decided to disband in 2013. This is because E SENS wants to focus on solo careers. One year later, Simon Dominic became co-CEO of AOMG, Jay Park’s independent recording laber where music is released today.

Being a musician who rarely makes a comeback, Simon Dominic is always successful every time he releases a work. Call it the song “Won & Only” got an all-kill title on the charts.

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In was declared free because she suffered from a tumor in her leg bone. The handsome actor first underwent a physical examination in 2015. However, the government’s decision came two years later.

In addition to being caused by a tumor, Yoo Ah In has suffered several shoulder injuries. This condition is what makes him not qualified wamil.

The man on the list of highest-paid actors has starred in sungkyunkwan scandal (2010), Fashion King (2012), Secret Affair (2014), Six Flying Dragon (2015), and Chicago Typewriter (2017).

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