South Korean Celebrities Successfully Find Their Own Company

South Korean Celebrities Successfully Find Their Own Company

Success is known as a public figure apparently not enough for celebrities from Gingseng Country. Not a few artists who dare to take risks by setting up their own company.

In addition to talented music and acting, it turns out that they are also smart in seeing business opportunities. This is a line-up of South Korean artists who became CEOs ranging from zero to success.


Not only successful as a singer and actor in the entertainment world, Rain also runs more than one business. It is also what makes him the richest South Korean celebrity.

The wife of actress Kim Tae Hee runs a real estate business, one of the buildings owned used for the mall. Revenue from this amounted to the equivalent of 238.8 billion rupiah per month.

Not only that, since ending the contract with Park Jin Young’s agency, Rain is set up his own record label called J. Tune Entertainment.

The father-of-two sold J. Tune Entertainment’s shares to JYP Entertainment. This was done to bring up the record label.

Not stopping there, Rain also owns a fashion brand with the label Six to Five. In fact, he intervened directly as a designer and established himself as an icon of the brand.

The owner of jung ji hoon’s real name doesn’t want half of his business in entertainment. Not quite with a record label, he founded an agency called Rain Company.

The management system implemented in his agency adopts from a world-class company. Not only focusing on his artistic career, Rain focuses on developing the talents of newcomers.

Hyun Bin

Who doesn’t know the lead actor of Crash Landing on You (2019)? Apparently, Hyun Bin got the nickname Crazy Rich because it has a luxury building worth 100 billion.

During his acting career, he has won various awards. In fact, Son Ye Ji’s girlfriend is included in the ranks of the most expensive South Korean actors. According to some sources, he got 17.6 billion appearances for one episode.

Hyun Bin built a building in Seoul’s Gangnam area. His family granted permission to build a 1,500-meter building with 7 floors. The development project is named HB Family Holdings.

In addition, Hyun Bin also reportedly established an agency in cooperation with Shin Min Ah in 2016. The company is called O & Entertainment.

In 2016, he reportedly founded an agency with CEO Kang Kun Taek called VAST Entertainment. Hyun Bin is tasked with finding aspiring stars who have talent in the field of music and role art.

Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon’s career in acting was not smooth enough. The man who started his modeling career was scandalous. He was proven to falsify medical letters in order to be free from conscription (wamil).

Finally, the handsome actor admits his mistake and apologizes publicly. Then, he continued to run for state duty on November 15, 2006.

The case had made its image worse in South Korean society, but it did not last long.

His career skyrocketed again, when he made a comeback after he played in daram East of Eden (2008), My Princess (2011), and When a Man Fall in Love (2013).

In addition to the success of various actors, it turns out that Song Seung Heon is the owner of an Italian restaurant called Blacksmith in Shinsa-dong, Seoul. The restaurant first opened in 2011.

Not that, in 2009, Song Seung Heon founded an entertainment company called Strom S Company. The agency houses Jo Hyun Jae, Kim Jung Eun, Kim Min Jung, and Lee Young Ae.

Ha Ji Won

Co-starring with Hyun Bin in Secret Garden (2011), Ha Ji Won took home the Baeksang Arts Awards 2014 for TV Popularity.

Thanks to this achievement, his curry in the entertainment world skyrocketed. Despite being a senior actress, Ha Ji Won is friendly to juniors in the entertainment industry.

Until now, he still exists to star in films and dramas. He debuted with the teen drama New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us (1996).

Her acting skills are not playful, Ha Ji Won always plays the character very well. In fact, when he joined the sector 7 fantasy film project, he practiced diving for hours. As a result, he got a scuba diving certificate because of his totality.

Ha Ji Won is confirmed to end his contract with the agency that oversees him for 10 years, Wellmade STARM. Afterwards, he got offers from various companies at fantastic prices.

However, he rejected all such offers. This is not without reason, Ha Ji Won has plans to set up his own company called Haewadal Entertainment. The agency also houses Song Ji Eun, Park Ki Woong, and many more.

Jessica Jung

After deciding to quit the girl group that raised her name, Jessica Jung focused on her solo career. Not only that, she is also involved in a business engaged in fashion.

Apparently, Krystal F(X)’s older brother is very good at developing businesses. The brand, named BLANC & ECLARE, releases fashion and beauty products.

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Although relatively young, this woman who was born in San Frasisco has achieved considerable success. Today, he and his team have many branches in various countries, including in Soho, New York.

Not long ago, Jessica Jung was rumored to be opening a major BLANC & ECLARE store in Seoul. According to some sources, the main store will open on January 20, 2021.

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