Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team’s Synopsis and Profile

Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team

Not long ago, KBS TV’s official account released a photo featuring handsome actor Kim Myung so. Reportedly, the photo is a teaser of the latest historical drama titled Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team. The drama will be released on December 21, airing regularly every Monday and Tuesday for 32 episodes.

K-Drama fans are looking forward to the drama. Not only because it is played by popular actors and actresses, the background of the story certainly also attracts the attention of many people. Moreover, the genre that is used by comedy-hostorical makes it even more curious.

Royal Secret Inspector Synopsis: Joseon Secret Investigation Team

Sung Yi Gyeom lived in the late Juseon era, he ranked first in state exams. He worked in the department of administration and research. At first, this man had no ambition to live. Until one day, he was arrested for gambling.

Sung Yi Gyeom had to pay for his mistaking by becoming a secret inspector for the kingdom. He served as an eradication of illegal acts and corruption committed by the acting. During the task, Sung Yi Gyeom was assisted by Hong Da In and Park Chun Sam.

Meanwhile, another conflict came from Sung Yi Gyeom’s family. He has a half-brother named Sung Yi Beom who has always opposed him. This was because their father could never accept Sung Yi Beom’s presence. The reason is none other than because, her half-sister was born to a slave mother.

Royal Secret Inspector Player Profile: Joseon Secret Investigation Team

After the release of the mistirius teaser, KBS TV finally announced the cast of the drama Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team. The four main cast members are:

1. Kim Myung so

Royal Secret Inspector
Kim Myung so

Kim Myung so plays the main character born in the Joseon era. At first, this man lived a life without ambition. His life changed after he was caught in the wet with gambling. Sentencing him, he had to work for the kingdom as a secret inspector. On the other hand, Sung Yi Gyeom confronts his rebellious half-brother.

The handsome actor is also known as a member of boy group Infinite with the stage name L. Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team is not the first drama played by Kim Myung so. She made her acting debut in 2011 in the Japanese series Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagari. In addition, Kim Myung so successfully starred in Miss Hammurabi’s drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Meow: The Secret Boy, and many more.

Thanks to his outstanding acting, he received several awards including Best Hardship Character MBC Drama Award 2017, Most Popular Actor MBC Drama Awards 2017, Best New Actor KBS Drama Award 2019, Best Couple KBS Drama Award 2019, and K-Drama Hanryu Star KBS Drama Award 2019.

2. Kwon Nara

Royal Secret Inspector
Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara plays the female lead, Hong Da In who will later become Sung Yi Kyung’s partner. Hong Da In is a beautiful gaesang from the Joseon era. In fact, the main job is damo or government office employee. He went undercover to complete the mission.

Not much different from Kim Myung So, the beginning of Kwon Nara’s career debut as a member of girl group Hello Venus. In the group, he was vocal and dancer. His acting skills encouraged him to follow several film and drama casts.

Kwon Nara starred in the 2016 film Fantasy of the Girl along with No Jeong Ee and Jo so Hyung. Some popular dramas starring him include Suspicious Partner and Itaewon Class. She also appeared as a cameo in Cunning Single Lady.

3. Lee Yi Kyung

Royal Secret Inspector
Lee Yi Kyung

In the drama, actor Lee Yi Kyung plays Sung Yi Gyeom’s maid Park Chun Sam. He has a compassionate personality and talks a lot. He also helped Sung Yi Gyeom a lot in carrying out his duties as a spy. However, he also has a cunning nature.

Lee Yi Kyung is known for his frequent portrayals of hilarious characters. His talent for acting has always been successful in making K-Drama fans laugh. The actor debuted in 2011 as a supporting actor. His name has soared since joining the drama My Love From The Star. Some of the Korean dramas that have starred Lee Yi Kyung include School 2013, Confession Couple, Children of Nobody, Suits, Descendants of the Sun, and Welcome to Waikiki.

4. Lee Tae Hwan

Royal Secret Inspector
Lee Tae Hwan

Sung Yi Gyeom’s half-brother is played by Lee Tae Hwan. Sung Yi Beom was born to a noble father and his mother a slave. This status earned him unfair treatment from his father. This was what sparked the altercation between Sung Yi Gyeom and Sung Yi Beomm.

Lee Tae Hwan made her acting debut in 2014, previously debuting as an idol in group 5URPRISE. However, by March 2020 the contract with the agency that oversees the group has expired. This led him to decide to move agency. Indeed, his acting debut is still new, but Lee Tae Hwan has starred in many dramas.

Although only as a supporting actor, his acting was able to steal the limelight. He has starred in the dramas What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Father I’ll Take Care of You, W, My Golden Life, Please Come Back Mister, Pride and Prejudice, Greceful Friends, High School of Savvy, and many more.

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