Man rushed to hospital, Kwon Mina ex-AOA unconscious after suicide attempt

Kwon Mina Ex AOA Unconscious Due to Suicide Attempt

Former AOA member Kwon Mina, former AOA, was found unconscious after attempting suicide. This incident did not happen suddenly. One day earlier, Mina wrote a handwritten letter apologizing to everyone.

He was found unconscious after an attempted suicide on Thursday (7/29/2021) morning. According to Hankook Ilbo’s report, Mina was found by an acquaintance who immediately called an emergency call.

An acquaintance was worried about Mina being unreachable. He eventually visits Mina’s house and finds her covered in blood. Upon arriving at the hospital, Kwon Mina immediately underwent surgery.

Currently, Mina is not in a state of danger, but has not been conscious. The day before attempting suicide, Mina wrote a handwritten letter via @kvwowv Instagram account. In her letter, the 27-year-old apologized for her controversy with Jimin ex AOA and the infidelity of his ex-girlfriend Yoo Jun Young. He also alluded to his desire to quit Instagram.

Contents of Letter Kwon Mina Eks AOA

“I’m really sorry for showing you the irresponsible actions I said. Ak said that I would quit Instagram and take the time to introspect myself. I have to make you guys uncomfortable coming back. I’ve been brooding a lot. But there were so many incidents with Yoo and Shin Jimin that kept me quiet,” Mina wrote.

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He then explains that the people involved in the incident (Jimin ex AOA and Yoo Jun Young) are still sharing different stories with the actual events.

“There are many different stories that come out of what I’ve been through. Besides, a lot of people ask me to explain. I want to explain everything for what it is. So I will explain everything without lies,” said Kwon Mina.

In a handwritten letter she uploaded on Wednesday (7/28/2021), Mina rejected all claims made about her and explained her situation with Jimin after her father’s death. In addition, he also revealed what happened after the controversy of Jimin AOA’s abuse and his struggles during promotional activities with AOA.

Not the First Time To Commit Suicide Attempts

Kwon Mina’s controversy stemmed from his confession that he had been the victim of Shin Jimin’s abuse during joining AOA, on Friday (3/7/2020). He posted a screenshot of someone asking himself to disappear.

“I honestly don’t want to get out of AOA. But because someone hated me, I was bullied for ten years. Actually, in the end, I wanted to reciprocate what he said once. In the end I quit AOA. It’s great to be able to do promotions with other members,” Mina wrote in her post’s comment column.

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Following Mina’s confession, Shin Jimin uploaded a post on her Instagram Story writing ‘Fiction’. Not staying silent, Kwon Mina further corroborates Jimin’s alleged abuse.

“It’s scary to be considered fiction, eonni. I was treated three to four times and now it’s gone a little bit,” she wrote while sharing a photo of her suicide attempt wounds. But soon the post was deleted.

Mina attempted suicide on Saturday (8/8/2020) and was immediately taken to hospital. He uploaded a photo of his bloodied wrist with a caption addressed to Jimin ex AOA.

‘I don’t want to leave with regret. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho (founder of FNC Entertainment), Kim Seolhyun, may you live well. My mother, brother and family will not be able to speak anything and will cry without mistake,” Mina wrote.

FNC Entertainment agency immediately rushed Mina to the hospital after seeing her upload. And on Saturday (9/26/2020), Mina left the agency to go on hiatus to focus on her recovery.

However, Kwon Mina continues to get negative comments on social media related to her controversy with Jimin ex AOA. Mina again posted a photo of a bloodied wrist on Tuesday (4/27/2021).

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