Sakura Miyawaki Finishes Career at IZ*ONE in 2021

Sakura Miyawaki Ends Her Career at IZ*ONE in 2021

After more than 2 years of joining IZ*ONE, there is news that Sakura Miyawaki from Japan will end her career in Korea. Despite achieving popularity with IZ*ONE, Sakura is just waiting for her contract which expires in April 2021 to leave the girl group that has made her name.

Although the news is still not official, but rumors of Sakura deciding to return to her homeland Japan already many Korean media and fans know. Several media outlets also reported that CJ E&M, the label that houses IZ*ONE, was negotiating with Sakura and other members.

Get to Know Sakura Miyawaki

Get to Know Sakura Miyawaki
Get to Know Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura Miyawaki started her career as an idol with girl group HKT48 in 2011, which was also active with AKB48. Until 2018, Sakura Miyawaki started her career in Korea with IZ*ONE. It’s a pretty winding journey to become a famous idol.

While still with AKB48, the 22-year-old artist had a center from AKB48’single entitled “Kimi wa Melody”. Not only that, Sakura Miyawaki was also selected as a double center while working on a single titled “Negaigoto no Mochigusare” with one of the SKE48 members, Jurina Matsui.

Sakura then joined “Produce 48” and was chosen as the center to work on the show’s theme song titled “Nekkoya”. After the event, Sakura made her debut as a member of a South Korean girl group called IZ*ONE.

Sakura Miyawaki the Famous Hard Worker

Sakura Miyawaki the Famous Hard Worker
Sakura Miyawaki the Famous Hard Worker

It’s no easy to achieve bigger things, nor does Sakura Miyawaki move from J-Pop to K-Pop. He was frightened and frustrated at the beginning of his move to K-Pop.

He doubted his ability and korean language was still bad, although in the end he established and chose to fight alongside the Korean music industry. He thinks that he has been an idol in Japan for 7 years, impossible for him to be unable to do anything.

Sakura Miyawaki, who still doesn’t understand Korean, can only ask her japanese counterpart for help and use an alternative to the translation dictionary. In addition, the entire recording must be in Korean making Sakura very hesitant to do so.

At the beginning of her debut, Sakura found it difficult with the training period that was so draining. He had to train for 10 hours, whereas during his time in Japan he had not trained in a long time.

That’s why Sakura struggled to adapt in the early days of her arrival to South Korea. He was hesitant and anxious about whether he would be able to keep up with the very new environmental changes for him. He left all his hard work behind, and began his career from scratch with the South Korean music industry.

Sakura Miyawaki’s Transformation

Recently a gif appeared showing Sakura Miyawaki’s performance while still in “Produce 48” and a comparison of her performances when she had a comeback with IZ*ONE. Many highlighted the idol’s change with the comment that Sakura looks like a worm while dancing with AKB48. That’s in stark contrast to her now that she seems to be dancing really well.

Netter praised sakura Miyawaki’s hard work during her time in Korea. Many admire Sakura Miyawaki’s rapid rise thanks to her efforts, hard work, and motivation to take part in the South Korean music industry.

Sakura also suffered a culture clash early in her career. According to him, Koreans are very different from Japanese when voicing opinions and talking about their personal condition. For him he is not used to hearing people say “no” straightforwardly. He was also surprised to see someone in the interview praising themselves. Nevertheless, it was a learning process that was very valuable to him.

Sakura also thinks that she has changed a lot after a long time in the South Korean music industry, especially her personality. He learned that voicing opinions and desires according to his will was a good thing. Little by little, sakura considers herself to have transformed in a more positive direction.

Ending His Music Career with IZ*ONE

Ending His Music Career with IZ*ONE
Ending His Music Career with IZ*ONE

Ilgan Sport reports on CJ E&M’s agency contacting members to continue the contract or terminate it. Several members stated to remain with CJ E&M and continue the contract which is due to expire in April 2021.

Even some of them chose to expedite the contract extension. Along with the report, rumors emerged about the news of Sakura Miyawaki’s departure after her contract expired in the near future and Sakura who will return to Japan. Even until this article was written, there was no confirmation from CJ E&M regarding Sakura Miyawaki ending her career with IZ*ONE.

Many of the netters who have become big fans of Sakura Miyawaki feel sad and disappointed. Especially if the news of Sakura Miyawaki ending her career with IZ*ONE is true. Sakura is considered to have transformed for the better, and it is a pity to have to leave her music career to return to Japan.

According to an inside report, IZ*ONE has actually agreed to unofficially stop the promotion. Precisely on December 31, 2021 caused by various factors. Not to mention IZ*ONE also stumbled into a case of voice manipulation.

IZ*ONE fans are waiting for clarity on their idol group, especially Sakura. Sakura is likely to return to her homeland of Japan, if IZ*ONE does not continue with the contract and is dissolved. In Korea itself, MNET is now launching Global Girl Planet which will be one of the prestigious events to orbit idols.

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