Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah Scandal Continues, Dispatch Reveals Latest Facts

Choi Young Ah

Kim Seon Ho’s scandal over the imposition of abortions doesn’t seem to be over yet, instead it seems to be entering a new chapter. Dispatch released a lengthy article after investigating the case. Reporting from Koreaboo, Tuesday (10/26/2021), Seon Ho’s former lover who issued the allegations is Choi Young Ah. He is an influencer who was previously a weather forecast presenter.

This Dispatch article turns out to have a big difference with Young Ah’s confession. Reviewing their relationship, Choi Young Ah and Kim Seon Ho first met when they were together with friends in late 2019.

Then in early March 2020, they finally decided to date. It’s just that in mid-March of the same year, Young Ah confessed that she had been married and had divorced. Seon Ho is said to have finally accepted his lover’s status.

Rarely out together?

In her accusations, Young Ah said that when dating, they kept their relationship a secret and rarely came out together. But dispatch reports otherwise. They are often called together, and date to tourist attractions to the zoo. In fact, the start-up drama player is stated often to Busan and Gapyeong to be able to date the lover.

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It also included a picture of what was claimed to be a photo of Seon Ho and Young Ah while away together at a pet café. Dispatch said this moment was captured after the abortion. Meanwhile, according to Young Ah’s allegations, Seon Ho’s attitude turned cold after he aborted the womb.

Kim Seong Ho and Choi Young Ah break up in May 2021

In July 2020 their relationship faltered, Young Ah sent a long letter apologizing to Seon Ho. In the letter Young Ah admits she lied. However, the actor eventually decided to forgive her and they resumed the relationship.

However, this year their relationship seemed to be completely over. They last met in April and separated in May 2021.

Kim Seon Ho refuses to fight in public

“Kim Seon Ho said this before, it’s true that he took the child off. But because he was with his loved ones, he tried to understand his lover,” said a friend of Seon Ho.

A friend added, “(Kim Seon Ho) didn’t want to fight about his personal life in front of one country instead of responding, he immediately apologized. Kim Seon Ho is like that.”

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SALT Entertainmen, the agency that houses hometown star Cha-cha-cha, has not responded to the report. Choi Young Ah is now changing her Instagram social media accounts in private mode.

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