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Schedule of Dear M Drama Played by Jae Hyun NCT

Fans of Korean shows should be happy because KBS 2TV has finally announced a new Dear M drama airing schedule. The new drama will be played by Jae Hyun from a band called NCT and Park Hye so.

The drama they will play is titled Dear M. According to the information circulating, the drama will debut on February 26, 2021 at 23:10 KST.

This Dear M drama is a spin-off of a popular web drama titled Love Playlist. The story itself concerns the search for M, the mysterious figure they refer to as anonymous in an online community at a university called Seoyeon.

Jo Hyun Ah as Head Producer of KBS Variety Center provides info that the company currently has several series of promising programs. The program will air later this week. This event is a high quality entertainment program to keep the audience interested.

Kbs also added that they are planning the latest formation for Friday night. At that time, they hoped that the event could attract the attention of audiences aged about 20 to 30 years, through the drama Dear M to Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

In an interview Joo Hyun Ah said that this drama titled Dear M has a quite important role in this lineup. Because only one episode will air one week. They also claimed security in the production process and expanded the opportunity to keep everyone at the top of the list during the airing period.

Dear M Drama Actor and Synopsis

Dear M Drama Actor and Synopsis
Dear M Drama Actor and Synopsis

As we already know, Jae Hyun, a member of nct band, has confirmed that he will play one of the characters in the Korean drama Dear M.

In the drama, Jae Hyun will star along with Park Hye Soon, Bae Hyun Sung and Roh Jeong Eui. They’ve even previously confirmed his presence far away.

The four of them are second year students studying at one of the famous universities called Seoyeon University. Jae Hyun will play the role of Cha Min Ho.

Cha Min Ho himself was a student studying computer science at the university. He has a talent in the form of being able to develop an application with innovative ideas that he has. In addition, he has also been good friends with Ma Joo A, played by Park Hye so. Their friendship has been entwined for approximately 12 years.

In their friendship, Maa Joo A who has been friends with Cha Min Ho is known to have no desire to have a relationship with a woman or a courtship. Ma Joo A herself is a business administration student who is known to have a warm heart and a cheerful personality. He himself is in the same department as Park Ha Neul. Park Ha Neul himself is played by Bae hyun Sung.

Elsewhere, there is The Spirit of Jeong Eui who plays Seo Ji Min. She is a student majoring in economics who is also a school cheerleading team or Cheerleader.

This Dear M drama tells the story of a person who has the initials M writing something on a community board of a website owned by Seoyeon University. The writing he made caused the situation at the University to become tumultuous and unstable. Moreover, there are many students who try to reveal the real identity of the owner of the account with the initial M.

Actors Involved in The Drama Dear M

Actors Involved in The Drama Dear M
Actors Involved in The Drama Dear M

After KBS released the poster for its latest drama, they now provide a complete lineup of all the players. The main character will be played by Park Hye so as Ma Joo Ah and Jae Hyun who will play Cha Min Hoo.

Then there is Kim Sae Ron who will be replaced by Roh Jeong Eui because Kim Sae Ron is rumored to be in love. Meanwhile, Roh Jeong Eui will play Seo Ji Min. Then there’s Bae Hyun Sung who will play Park Ha Neul

There is Lee Jin Hyuk who will play the character of Gil Mok Jin, then actor Woo Da Bi who will later play as Hwang Bo Young. He is a handsome actor with a sweet smile named Lee Jung Sik who will play the character of Moon Joon.

Then, there is also actor Hwang Bo Reum Byul who will play the character Cho Ro Sa in the drama Dear M. Then there are also players who get rumors that they like Jae Hyun NCT. She is Eunbin CLC who will play Min Yang Hee and the last one is Ban Yi Dam who plays Jo Joon Young.

‘I’m not going to let you down’: Trump’s first 100 years in the running

dear actress M
‘I’m not going to let you down’: Trump’s first 100 years in the running

In the process of making this drama. Apparently there are unpalatable rumors that are heard to the public. According to rumors circulating Kim Sae Ron resigned.

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From one of the Korean mass media. Korean actress Kim Sae Ron decided to step down from the production of Korean drama Dear M. The reason is because Kim Sae Ron objected to the fact in the credit title.

This first happened because after the casting lineup was published. Kbs wrote his name after the name of his co-star, Park Hye so. This caused a conflict between the two. However, the production company did not resolve the conflict properly. This led to Kim Sae Ron finally choosing to quit his involvement in the making of this drama.

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