Similar to Squid Game, These 5 Series With the Same Theme To Accompany Relaxing Time

Similar to Squid Game, These 5 Series With the Same Theme To Accompany Relaxing Time

Squid Game is a South Korean Netflix series that was released on September 17 and now tops Netflix’s Top 10. The series tells no story about squid, but a mind game and a terrible thriller.

The story begins with a father who needs money to make his daughter happy and pay off debts. After getting an invitation from a mysterious man, he is willing to join and follow the game. Apparently, the game is very life-threatening.

It turns out that in addition to Squid Game, there are also several similar themed series that are no less exciting to watch. Curious? Check it out below.

Alice in Borderland

This Japanese Netflix series adapts a manga by Haro Aso. The story starts when the protagonist, Ryohei Arisu, and his two friends suddenly find themselves in Tokyo but in a more empty version.

They are forced to follow various types of games with difficulty levels determined by playing cards. After losing his friends, Ryohei meets a girl who spent her life climbing a mountain named Yuzuha Usagi. Both series require players to follow the game with the mystery in it already determined.

Wild Game

Just like Squid Game, the series is also from Korea but Liar Game adapts the manga from Japan by Shinobu Kaitani. A young woman named Nan Do Chon is involved in a reality show where participants compete against each other in a survival game to win 10 billion won.

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Hoping to make a profit, Nan Do Chon enlists the help of a diamond fraudster with unique abilities named Cha Woo Jin. He could tell if someone was lying to him. Squid Game and Liar Game have a similar theme when the main character must follow the survival game to get prize money.

Darwin’s Game

It is an animated series that adapts the manga of the same name. Tells the story of a 2nd grader named Kaname Sudou who starts playing app games. Each player has a shigil that gives special powers.


The series is set in the future when people grow up in this impoverished hinterland from Brazil. When they were 20 years old, they were forced to compete with each other for the chance to live abroad. In this challenge only 3% of people were able to survive, while the rest had to die.

The Purge

This television series from USA Network adapts a film with the same theme and title. The story is about the United States governed by an authoritarian government. The government initiated an annual event that allowed its citizens to violate any rule of law without sanctions and lasted for 8 hours.

Like Squid Game, the series also provides an overview of economic and social inequalities while entertaining its audience with horror stunts.

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