Soaring through a single Like Ooh-Ahh, TWICE made a brilliant achievement


Entering its fifth year of debut, girl group K-Pop Twice performed increasingly stunningly in South Korean musical blantika. The appearance of the 9 personnel with different backgrounds and abilities, adds to the lively idol of this group. In fact its name has been known almost all over the world, including Indonesia. How about the nine members of this girl band? Is it as smooth as the fans imagine?

Soccer Girlband TWICE

Based under the banner of JYP Entertainment, Twice was formed through the reality show SIXTEEN. All of his personnel must prove themselves through the talent possessed to debut. Of the 11 participants who participated, 9 were selected today. They are Na-Yeon, Momo, Tzuyu, Jeong-Yeon, Mina, Sana, Chae-Young, Ji-Hyo, and Da-Hyun.

TWICE, a Very Famous Girl group in Korea

The nine members come from 3 different countries with different vocal and dance abilities. In fact, most of the training period is above 5 years. Of the 9, Ji-Hyo is said to be twice’s longest-serving trainee. At the very least, he spent 10 years preparing for his debut before Twice was officially introduced to the public.

Initially, JYP Entertainment planned to debut a new girl group in mid-2014. With 6 selected personnel, namely Na-Yeon, Ji-Hyo, Jeong-Yeon, Chae-Young, Cecilia, and Lena. Unfortunately, two personnel chose to leave before the debut, namely Lena and Cecilia. Eventually, JYP Entertainment chose Sana to replace Lena. Officially 6MIX experienced a delay in debut until the end of 2015.

In early 2015, the announcement of the SIXTEEN competition was officially released. JYP Entertainment decided the selection of girl band members was determined from the final result of the competition. Whoever survives to the end, they’re the one who’s going to make the debut. The competition ended with 7 surviving men: Na-Yeon, Ji-Hyo, Sana, Da-Hyun, Chae-Young, Mina, and Jeong-Yeon.

Not stopping here, JYP Entertainment announced the addition of 2 people to the group, Namely Momo and Tzuyu. Despite the previous elimination, management reconsidered. Momo’s stunning dance skills are felt to complement other TWICE personnel. While the large audience support for Tzuyu became a consideration of management.

Officially Released Album Series

One of twice albums that carries the theme of love

Since its debut, TWICE has achieved numerous awards and stunning achievements. His fans also come from different countries. No one expected TWICE to soar in its first year of debut. At least 12 albums have been successfully released by this girl group, including compilation albums and MINI albums.

1. The Story Begins

The STORY BEGINS mini-album officially launched on October 7, 2015 along with twice’s debut. On the same day, the girl group performed a showcase and performed 3 songs, such as Like Ooh-Ahh, Must be Crazy, and Do It Again. Like Ooh-Ahh managed to dominate various charts in South Korea. In 5 months, their music video has been watched by 50 million people.

2. Page Two

Soon, TWICE released a second mini-album titled Page Two. The song titled Cheer Up immediately stole the attention of fans. It only took 5 days to rack up 10 million views on the music video Cheer Up. In the same year, the song Cheer Up was awarded song of the year. Similar to Like Ohh-Ahh, Cheer Up dominates various domestic charts.

3. TWICEcoaster: LANE 1

Still in 2016, TWICE re-released its third MINI album. Not much different from previous albums, the EP topped the national charts. At its peak, 10 million viewers over 24 hours were released.

4. TWICEcoaster: LANE 2

After the first world tour, JYP Entertainment announced the release of twice’s fourth MINI album. The album titled TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 is a repacking of TWICEcoaster: LANE 1.

5. What’s Twice?

After its success in Korea, TWICE began to spread to Japan. JYP Entertainment also began to introduce its 9 personnel through websites and social media. Even management with Warner Music Japan released the mini album What’s Twice as an introduction.


Seeing the high public enthusiasm for the girl group, JYP Entertainment finally launched a compilation album titled #TWICE in Japan. The album contains 10 japanese and Korean songs belonging to the girl group.

7. Signal

After announcing her Japanese debut, TWICE re-released the mini album Signal for fans in Korea. Signal itself consists of 6 songs, such as Only You, Eye Eye Eyes, Hold Me Tight, Someone Like Me, Signal, and Three Times a Day.

8. TWICEtagram

On October 30, 2017, TWICE finally released its debut album titled TWICEtagram. Several composers and lyricists are co-ed on the album, such as Black Eyed Pilseung and Hyerim.

9. Merry & Happy

Repackaging the first album, the Korean girl group released the album Merry & Happy. In addition to songs from the debut album, TWICEtagram, Merry & Happy also launched 2 new songs. Fans are spoilt for choice with Heart Shaker and Merry & Happy songs.

10. What is Love?

TWICE productivity is not declining in 2018. Starting in April 2018, TWICE finally released a fifth MINI album titled What is Love?. Soon, TWICE toured the second world tour as well as releasing a third single in Japan.

11. Summer Nights

Three months later, TWICE re-released the album What is Love? with the title Summer Nights. Wheesung was set to create Dance the Night Away for simultaneous release.

12. BDZ

In the same year, the japanese edition’s debut studio album was released. BDZ was released as a digital single before the album version was released. After that, TWICE officially toured BDZ and released a seventh MINI album titled Fancy You.

TWICE Members Profile

TWICE, Girl bands with Members from Different Countries

Looking at twice’s achievements and productivity, the fans certainly memorized right with the members of this girl band. Led by Ji-Hyo as leader, TWICE is interesting to be further troubled. Given that the girl band is formed against a different country background, here are the full personnel.

South Korean members

Formed by JYP Entertainment in South Korea, most of twice’s members are from the ginseng country. In addition to Na-Yeon, there are actually several other members who are from Korea as well, such as:

1. Jeong-Yeon

Originally named Yoo Kyung-Wan, Jeong-Yeon officially changed her name to grade 3 elementary school. Born on November 1, 1996, Jeongyeon was named lead vocalist. In addition to himself, his older brother jumped directly into the South Korean entertainment industry, Namely Gong Seung-Yeon.

2. Ji-Hyo

Not only Jeongyeon, Ji-hyo changed her name before officially joining SIXTEEN. Jihyo’s previous real name was Park Ji-so. As leader and lead vocalist,Ji-Hyo is the most likely trainee. The girl was born on February 1, 1997, and is known to have attended Junior Naver.

3. Na-Yeon

Born on September 22, 1995, Im Na-Yeon serves as lead vocalist. Na-Yeon claims to have auditioned for a trainee without her parents’ knowledge. Prior to his debut, he first starred in several video clips of JYP Entertainment artists.

4. Da-Hyun

Vocalist and lead rapper TWICE was born on May 28, 1998. This talented member started his training in 2012. He is known to be phobia towards cats.

5. Chae-Young

Starting at the dance academy in grade 6 elementary school, Chae-Young’s talents led her to audition in 2012. The girl, who was born on April 23, 1999, has the shortest posture and the most hobby of sleep.

Japanese members

In addition to being from Korea, the other 3 TWICE members are known to be from Japan. The three Japanese members are:

1. Momo

Momo’s dancing talent caught the attention of JYP Entertainment through a video she uploaded to social media. In 2012, he and his older brother auditioned for an audition held by the management. Unfortunately, the older brother did not make it to the next round. Despite being from Japan, the girl, who was born on November 9, 1996, loves food.

2. There

Another member from Japan is Sana. Born in Japan on December 29, 1996, Sana served as lead dancer and vocal. Sana’s own hobby is shopping.

3. Mina

Like his two other colleagues, Mina Myoui is known to be from Sakura country. Although born San Antonio, Texas, on March 24, 1997, Mina grew up in Japan. His ballet skills were acquired through 11 years of study

Taiwanese Members

Tzuyu is the only member from Taiwan. This girl born June 14, 1999 was chosen as the meaning of TWICE. Its cute and beautiful paras make it as a visual, lead dancer, as well as vocal. Tzuyu himself is known as Rose Blackpink’s best friend. It’s not wrong that a lot of fans idolize this one member.

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