Soar Into The Sun; Synopsis and K-Movie Players

Soar Into The Sun; Synopsis and K-Movie Players

Soar Into The Sun is a Korean action film. To know the synopsis of a movie makes you know the storyline better.

The film, directed by Kim Dong-Won, quickly attracted widespread public interest. The Korean action film was written by Lee Man-Hee.

Judging by the story, Soar Into The Sun turned out to be a review of the 1964 film. The film is “Red Scarf” (Balgan Mahura)

This Korean film producer is not just one person. The film’s producers include Jang Tae-Gon, Park Sung-Geun, Kim Dong-Won, and Shim Moon-Bo.

The action film was released in 2017. Languages spoken in Korean and spoken in South Korea.

The film ran for 1 hour and 55 minutes. In addition to being a director, Kim Dung Won turned out to be the screenwriter.

Soar Into The Sun players

Soar Into The Sun; Synopsis and K-Movie Players
Soar Into The Sun players

This most popular Korean film involves many players. The actor and artist who starred in the film is in no doubt.

The lineup includes Rain as Jung Tae-Hoon, Shin Se Kyung as Yoo Se-Young, and Yu Jun Sang as Lee Cheol-Hee.

In addition to these players, there are still many players whose acting is no less exciting. CJ Entertainment is the production house of soar into the sun.

Actor Rain, who played the lead role, chose to play the film. Before fulfilling his military obligations, Rain chose the film as his last.

The film was screened at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival. The title uses English, Soar Into The Sun.

Soar Into The Sun Synopsis

Korean films that were once popular in their day still have many fans. Where the synopsis is about an aviator.

The lead is played by an actor named Rain. His role as Tae Hoon became the youngest member of the “Black Eagles”.

He is the youngest of the korean fighter pilots. Tae Hoon became a talented young man as well as a bearer.

His playful and curious behavior became a lot of people irritated. Chaos ensues so Tae Hoon is assigned with Dae Seo.

He was transferred on a transer to the 21st fighter unit. Dae Seo himself was a pilot who led the battle.

Tae Hoon already considers Dae Seo to be his own brother. In soar into the sun synopsis, there is a conflict between Tae Hoon and Cheol He.

Tae Hoon has ambitions to defeat Cheol Hee in a flight contest. In order to win, he enlisted the help of Se Young’s care.

Unknown warplanes appeared in yeouido skies. This prompted Tae Yoon, Dae-Seo, Yoo-Jin, and Seok-Hyun to attack immediately.

A surprise attack was carried out to save them. This is what needs to be done then.

Soar Into The Sun’s synopsis is able to attract movie lovers. Korea is rich in a collection of movies like no other.

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